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Unilorin FM GM Felicitates Bosun Oladele on His Birthday

Hon. Bosun George Oladele

The General Manager of Unilorin FM, Alhaji Idris Alooma has congratulated the former federal lawmaker representing, Olorunsogo, Irepo and Oorelope at the 8th National Assembly Hon. Bosun Oladele on his birthday.

He described him as an icon, astute lawyer, erudite scholar, and gift to humanity in his birthday message to the former lawmaker.

Alhaji Alooma opined that Hon. Oladele is a stakeholder, team player and a bosom friend of Unilorin FM and University of Ilorin at large.

He said that the Unilorin FM awardee has proved himself beyond a reasonable doubt that youths are key players in the rejuvenation, reinfiguration and developments of the nation.

He stressed further that Honorable Bosun Oladele a lawyer by profession has done a lot to empower youths and students, especially those that ordinarily would have been deprived of western education.

Hon Bosun Oladele receiving award from Unilorin FM GM, Alhaji Idris Alooma recently

The GM advised other politicians and well to do people in the society to emulate the virtues of Hon. Oladele

According to him, Oladele has single handedly empowered over two thousand youths, given scholarship to over 500 students, renovated so many schools and sponsored many human capacity developments, which have been so beneficial to humanity.

Alooma prayed that Almighty God will continue to guard, guide, promote and project him as he added another year to his age.


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