2023: Kwara Business Group Urges CBN Governor to Join Presidential Race

Our Correspondent, Ilorin

Governor of Central Bank, Mr Godwin Emefiele

As the race for the 2023 presidential seat is building up, a group of business people in Kwara state, under the aegis of “Kwara Professionals” has called on the Governor of Central Bank, Mr Godwin Emefiele, to throw his hat into the ring and contest the presidential election so as to continue the good work of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking after its meeting, held in Ilorin, Kwara state capital on Thursday, the spokesperson of the group, Prince Tayo Omoloso Babatunde said “haven taking a cursory look at the political events in Nigeria, the group had resolved that the CBN governor was the most candidate for the job.

Explaining why Nigerians and political stakeholders should give Emefiele the chance to be the next president, Babatunde said “with the ongoing revolution in the agricultural sector as a result of massive support given to the growing of rice by the CBN, it has been proven that with the sustainable effort, this country is capable of growing enough rice for the consumption for the teeming populace of Nigeria and even export to the outside world.

“Mention should also be made to how Mr Emefiele as the Central Bank of Nigeria governor also supported the massive turnaround in the solid minerals sector.

“It is time for professionals and organized private sector to begin to participate directly and openly in the leadership selection process. Not just to contribute to campaign finance behind closed doors.

The entrepreneurs further said it was necessary for economic experts such as Emefiele, to always show interest in elective positions due to their renowned knowledge in the critical sector, which is vital to the development of any nation.

“They are the ones who have the knowledge and structures to create jobs and grow the economy”

“All these efforts will come to nought if they do not work with Nigerians and present themselves for elective positions at a critical period like this.

“Enough of supporting lifelong politicians who appoint their cronies and family to roles in which they have no capacity to function in said roles.

Emefiele, it is unarguable, the only Nigerian today who has intervened in virtually all sectors and has enough knowledge to carry out extensive reforms where necessary”

“We the Kwara professionals are calling on Mr Godwin Emefiele to come out and heed to the various calls from different groups in the country asking him to join the presidential race and we strongly believe that he will continue the good work president Buhari has started” said the spokesman for the group.

Edited by Felix Ajide