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Google Announces Improvement On Its Two-Step Verification

Google on Tuesday announced the expansion of its two-step verification (2SV) process auto enrolments for log-ins to enhance account security of its users and ensure safer Internet when online.

This is in commemoration of the World’s Safer Internet Day to keep internet users safe online.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Feb. 8 is marked across the world as Safer Internet day. It is a day to promote a more responsible use of online technology.

Dawn Dimowo, Government Affairs, Public Policy Manager, Google Nigeria, said in a statement that the two step verification initiative saw a 50 per cent drop in account breach.

Dimowo said the breaches dropped for 150 million Gmail and two million YouTube creator accounts.

She said that the 2SV introduces use of mobile phones to confirm a users’s identity everytime one accesses their Google Account from a different device.

According to her, aligning with this year’s global Safer Internet Day theme, “Together for a better Internet”, Google is actively working on new technologies.

Dimowo said that the technologies would provide a secure, seamless sign-in experience and eliminate reliance on passwords that have turned out to be a major cause for data breaches and phishing attempts.

‘’Users often find passwords hard to remember and have to update them regularly.

“We don’t just plug security holes; we work to eliminate entire classes of threats for people who depend on our services.

‘’Today alone, billions of people around the world will use our products to help with things big and small from conducting e-payment transactions or teaching an online class full of students.

‘It is our responsibility to keep users’ personal information safe and secure,” Dimowo said.

According to her, Google provides tools such as Security Check-up, which provides users with practical tips on how to increase the security of their Google Account.

She said that in 2021, Google accelerated its effort to eliminate password threats by starting to auto-enrol users in 2SV, providing people with an additional layer of security when cyber criminals attempt to hack into their accounts.
Dimowo said that through the initiative, more than 1.5 billion security checks were done.

According to her, this decrease speaks volumes to how having a second form of verification can be effective in protecting your data and personal information.

She said that Google was proud of these initial results, and happy with the response received from users and the community.

The manager said that Google was excited about other ongoing behind the scenes work intended to make users even safer.

She said that to improve online security, Google recommends running frequent Security Check Ups to ensure that accounts were prepared for recovery by adding a phone number and a backup email.

According to her, it secures accounts and prevents bad actors from gaining access, additionally, Google recommends using Google Password Manager.

She said that it was built directly into Chrome, Android, and the Google App to create safe passwords for all online accounts, including shopping, banking, and e-learning sites. (NAN)