PDP chides AbdulRazaq over cash induced women rally at Kwara Stadium

….Says the Governor is giving himself false hope after losing all goodwill

The Kwara state People’s Democractic Party (PDP) has described the women rally sponsored by Malam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq with taxpayers funds as a mockery on an incumbent government.

According to the party, the Governor is still being traumatised by the cold treatment Kwarans melted at him during the last Eid el Fitri celebration and has been trying all means to revert the “humiliating experience” suffered at the Eid praying ground.

The party said it was a pitiable sight at the Kwara state stadium, seeing aged women induced with huge cash gathered at the pavilion to declare second term agenda for a Governor who is facing serious credibilty issues from within and outside his party for his abysmal performance in office .

Also in the statement by its state Publicity Secretary, Tunde Ashaolu, said the fact that Kwara people reacted that way to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq at Ilorin Eid praying ground has led the government to resorting to renting crowd particularly aged women from every part of the state to create false optics for the governor.

“Aomeone should wake the governor from his slumber that the crowd at the Ilorin Eid praying ground was organic and not induced such as the jamboree at the Kwara state stadium today.

“We advice the “one chance Governor” to stop wasting taxpayers monies on frivolities and face governance. Kwarans have already started his countdown.

It’s shameful that the government agents who are contracted for this job are not paying attention to the fact that Mr governor has failed to live up to people’s expectations since his inauguration into office.

“Kwarans have seen through his deceit, propaganda and insensitivity and they have turned their back against anything that has to do with APC/AA in the state.

“Since Malam Abdulahman came into office, APC / AA has been losing ground across the state which has resorted to renting crowd even when real political activities are yet to commence.

“This is to create a false impression that the governor, who has been rejected by all Kwarans including top members of his party still commands followership in the state.

“A responsible government would have been well advised to use the money for the induced rally to fill the potholes leading to the venue of the rally, since filling potholes is the hallmark of the administration of Governor AbdulRahman Abdulazaq’s achievements,” the statement added.

We ask; “who is fooling who? The governor should stop deceiving himself and know that the masses, which his lackluster administration impoverished, will collect monies, which is part of our common patrimony, and still stand by their resolve to do away with him come 2023”.


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