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Ex-Deputy Gov. urges parents to guard their children against commiting atrocities

Ex-Deputy Governor of Kwara State, Chief Joel Ogundeji with others in the Church.

Parents have been urged to work on their children to guard them against commiting atrocities and disturbing the peace of the society.

A Former Kwara State Deputy Governor Dr Joel Afolabi Ogundeji stated this at the 12th annual convention of ECWA Ilorin District church held at 1st ECWA church Ilorin on Sunday with the theme: ” Christ In You The Hope of Glory”

Ogundeji said “coming together like this we need to advise one another, what we are seeing in the country today is not making anybody happy, the atrocities, the killings, the kidnappings all source of things, we need to come together and prày together so that God will intervene in the affairs of this country so that Nigeria will be a better country.

“It was not like this before and we know that God can help reversed it to what it use to be God will help us.

“Parents should be able to talk to their children because most of this attrocities are not done by old people they are done by young people.

“The issue of drugs is becoming so rampart now and when this children take this drugs they become wilds what they ought not to do they will do it. Parents need to work on their children” he added.

He also reiterated the need for government to createe job for the teeming unemployed youths in the country

“Government should try as much as possible to createe employment because when people are employed they will not have to engage in bad things.

“I think recreational activities too if you look at overseas countries how they do alot of sport, I think that government should look into this direction too when people are engaged they will not go wayward” he added.

A Cleric, Reverend Moses Ayorinde urged Nigerians to shun evils and let love be their guiding principle for the Nation to overcome its challenges.

Rev. Ayorinde who is the Minister in charge of ECWA Oja Iya, Ilorin charged Christians to let the glory of God shine in their lives to spread the gospel to the unbelievers.

Also in his message, Chief Richard Olushola, who is the Chairman of the Convention condemned the various vices in the society, calling on Nigerians to keep hope alive while the government should strive to meet the yearning and aspiration of the people.

Speaking on the topc: “Great physician”, Prophet Segun Korode of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Ilorin District Headquarters implored Christians to put their trust in only the living God who is capable to turn things around for good.

Pastor Kayode Omotosho of C. A C Anu-sogo-lorimi, kilanko village,Ilorin whose message centred on “hungrying and thirsty for righteousness” urged Christians to be holy and desist from sin.

Pastor Taiye Aransiola of United Evangelical Miracle Church off Yidi road Ilorin in his message”know that He is God” called on Christians to show commitment to know God, to reverence Him, to seek Him, to honour Him, to trust Him and worship Him.

Rev. David Taiwo of Second ECWA Shao speaking on the topic “I Will Give You Rest” encouraged Christians to follow Jesus Christ, learn from Him and enjoy His rest that also guaranteed enternal rest.


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