Hackers penetrate our network, U.S. Treasury Department confirms

Agency Report

The U.S. Department of Treasury has confirmed that it was affected by last week’s SolarWinds hacking that targeted government agencies in the country.

Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, gave the confirmation while speaking on CNBC News on Monday.

Mr Mnuchin said the department’s network was breached, but quickly noted that only its “unclassified network” was penetrated by the hackers.

“We do not see any break in into our classified systems. Our unclassified systems did have some access.

“I will say that the good news is there has been no damage, nor have we seen any large amounts of information displaced,” he said.

According to reports, the Department of State, Defence, Commence and Homeland Security are among 50 U.S. organisations targeted in the sophisticated hack.

Many, including U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, have blamed Russia for the hack, an accusation the Kremlin has dismissed as “baseless”.

Mr Mnuchin declined to provide further details about the impact of the attack on the U.S . Treasury Department, saying there were still details “we’re not yet ready to disclose.”


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