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George Pawvenda Moses: A Gift To Mankind – Prof Debo Ajayi



I earnestly wish to contribute to the discussion on Zoom, but l have a cold and cough and am barely audible
Bro George has an ecumenical spirit that takes people to Christ without rancour.

A Christian celebrity that easily gets attracted to people and likes instantly.

A man despite his posh background remains humble.

A man who is gluttonous for punishment and self-denial in the service of Christ.
A brother of extreme patience and self-dignity.

A man who abhors exploitation and will never take advantage of anyone.

Strangely, a Blackist in the order of the radical Panthers but moderated in actions by the mind of Christ and the teachings of the Bible.

A man like Malcolm X but with the mind of Martin Luther King.

He writes like James Baldwin with a soft touch of Tony Morrison.

I can go on but my subject is self-effacing and hidden in Christ!

I am an Anglican by denomination and not used to the softness of the evangelicals but I say it as it is!

A hard-nosed sociologist is adept at the practical demonstration of his erudition!

We all will continue to pray for your long life and more services in evangelism.
Behold, a man called by God with unblemished testimony!

I congratulate your beautiful wife and wonderful children for having such a great father!

70 hearty cheers to the man of the moment,
Prof George Pawvenda Moses!

By Prof Debo Ajayi
ILORIN, Nigeria.



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