Nigerians Express Divergent Opinions @ Nation’s 63rd Independence Celebration


By Taiwo Ogunniyi

Nigerians have expressed divergent opinions as the nation prepares to celebrate its 63rd independence anniversary on 1st October. Our correspondent in Kwara State Taiwo Ogunniyi reports the feelings of the Citizens.

In the opinion of Mr. Adeyemi Ambali Ige, a marketer, the situation is moving from bad to worse and the present government has been disappointing.

He said:” As we are growing in age, we are declining more, we have all seen that this new government is a scam. How can you rake money from every citizen and give it to a certain number of people. As in money collected as a result of hike in the price of fuel. We will continue to be declining as a result of lack of good leader .

“There is nothing working in Nigeria again except corruption, indecency. All our ministries, agencies, parastatals are redundant they all believe in looting the office. The students of higher institutions are no longer interested in going to school because of the increment in school fees, no free healthcare even nurses and doctors in most hospitals are half-baked, and no food to eat as a result of higher prices on food items. If they want everything to thrive, they should allow technocrats to take the center stage.”

Obadara Adigun, a business man based in Kwara state would not however on his own see the situation has moving from bad to worse. Rather he is of the opinion that the country is progressing and that if the leaders could be more committed and focused the speed of development cud be faster and extent larger

” We are not yet where we are supposed to be as a nation at 63 years after independence. However, we are not where we were yesterday. We are developing politically, we are developing democratic wise, we are developing infrastructure wise. So, we can just hope to expect our leaders to do the right things, be people oriented, shun corruption and focus on infrastructural development particularly as it concerns rural development, for dividends of democracy to get to our people particularly at the grassroot areas.

” Also, our leaders should be so conscientious, that is they should have conscience and deliver towards alleviating sufferings of Nigerian masses, towards taking care of their welfare, towards dishing out policies that will be people friendly and not that to kill the people while alive, what do we mean, they should promote education, why can’t we have free education, if we can’t have free education why can’t you let us have subsidized education or tuition fees. Why can’t we have subsidized health care facilities, health care services, particularly in rural areas, particularly for children, particularly for woman and for the aged, why can’t we have conducive business environment that will promote small scale industry like industrialists too. All these can be done when we have ggood-spiritedleaders at the helm of affairs. Happy Independence,” he stated.

Expressing his oiew Rev. Felix Ajide, Editor-in-Chief of online Choice Reporters and Senior Pastor King Jesus Praise Land Assembly, Ilorin, said the country under administration of President Bola Tinubu seems to be on track and that there may be a great progress if the administration remain focused and the people cooperate with the administration.

He stated: “I think with the move by President Bola Tinubu so far, we are on track and one can only pray that this administration will remain focused and determined to depart from the wasteful past.

The president’s visits and foreign tours seem to be making progress in wooing investors and diversifying our economy. It is the right step to take. We also need alternative sources of energy to stimulate our economy.

However, it is my sincere appeal that Nigerians will continue to cooperate with the administration and exercise patience. I hope that the nation will soon get out of the economic woods and get great relief from the current excruciating pain and hardship.

Public affairs analyst Alfred Jones said “At 63, Nigeria is still suffering from the disease called corruption. It had eaten deep into almost every sector and our leaders are acting as if they don’t care.

Atoyebi Saheed Seyi, said “We need to celebrate those who fought for Independence of our great country Nigeria. Nigeria of today has been given new name by our political parties and politicians in term of corruption which our nation has been unable to achieve the envisioned self-reliant and self-sufficient economic policies.
Unemployment rates are alarmingly high. God bless Nigeria”

In his own view Abdulrazaq Adebayo, an Ilorin-based journalist, the country is still beset with leadership problem hence no improvement in an economic and political situation yet.

“The history of Nigeria at 63, is a chequered one with mixed feelings, our hope of having the right and purposeful leadership has eluded us since the change of government from civilian to military in 1966.

“Our present politicians are not only deceitful, but rule without human feelings, they are only concerned about their personal selfish interests. Nigeria, has a very long way to go to provide the right leadership and only if the docile citizens are ready to have the right people in power.

“In short, we celebrate and worship criminals in this part of the globe called Nigeria.”

On his own, Mr Segun St Daniels, a Public Affairs analyst, said that the country is witnessing a draw back because of degenerating moral standard, He said that the country celebrate and condone corruption and injustice.

” It’s a good thing that we are growing as a nation, and still together despite our differences and political struggles.

“Unfortunately, our values have really set us back from reaping from the sweat of our labor.

The major problem with Nigeria is the people, we celebrate and condone evil practices like embezzlement, injustice, selfishness, mediocrity, nepotism, religious intolerance, gaining wealth by any means, no value for life of the citizens.

“No nation with such behaviours like these will amount to anything. We will continue to be a big nation for nothing. If we make any sacrifice, it will be fruitless because our tendencies will not allow it to bear the necessary results.

“The present generation is probably beyond redemption,because we don’t have the will to make a change. Our current value system is so entrenched that no one that is in a place that can effect a change is willing to rock the boat, either because of ambition or because his hands are equally soiled with the spoils of wickedness. And the few hands that have the heart to go against the tide cannot get there through the present political structure.

” Except when we begin to have independent candidates, a populace that is not swayed by money politics, that’s when a little light can begin to shine in our dark place. From the little ones being born to the adults, there’s no difference in talks, behaviours and expectations.



“This is not a pessimistic view, but a picture of reality. Just wait and see what will unfold in the short Eloquent Audu, a Publisher, and media consultant said “Nigeria at 63, it is quite sad that we are not where we ought to be in terms of development, but then we as a nation should keep faith that things will still get better

“Nigeria, as a country before now had paraded presidents who were more conscious about the unity of the country than development, not because they did not wish or were not creative enough to attract the needed development

“Even at that, at 63 the country is still battling with corruption on the part of the leaders who are more interested in making money from leadership than serving the people sincerely

“But with the level of awareness against corruption, we can always believe things will get better”

Mr Oluseyi Dasilva, a Media Executive said “Nigerians have not learnt anything from our past challenges.

“There was a civil war, several civil unrests, military coups, terror invasion, economic instability, and other issues but no lessons learnt. We still vote for political heads based on money, we have monetized our political space and even rich criminals will someday overthrow the government with their money and turn the country upside down.

“Education is declining by the day as children of the poor may no longer afford school fees again. Food and essential commodities have become items for the well-to-do, while the poor go poorer.
We are sitting on a keg of gunpowder and the end can be devastating.”

Mrs Romoke W. Ahmad, A Media and PR Consultant said “Nigeria at 63 is a time for all of us as citizens to reflect on our journey so far and change our attitude.

“The change we are all craving for must start with us as citizens and be more patriotic to the country.

“Things are not as rosy as we wished and hoped for, but with perseverance, I know we will get there soon.

“Our leaders should also sacrifice by cutting down government expenses and work towards providing an enabling environment for all to live a meaningful life.

“As a strong believer in the Nigeria project, I know that we are still evolving and we shall attain greatness that will properly place us where we belong as the giant of Africa.

May God bless Nigeria and Happy Independence Anniversary to our Dear Nation”

Mr Bamgbose Jamar said “It is simply congratulations and wish the people of Nigeria well”

Mr Ismail Adebayo, another media consultant said “It’s a slow progress to nationhood. Nigeria has all the potential of a great nation but its leaders from independence to date lack the political will to make it achieve the desired economic progress and required development necessary for a nation like Nigeria presumably the giant of Africa.

” For Nigeria to achieve its full potential and move from its present state, all hands must be on deck. Its leaders need to be focused, make a reassessment of its situation and chart a new path for its economic and development recovery.

“To achieve this, collectively its citizens must jettison parochial interest for national interest. In this way, Nigeria can achieve its commonwealth, and economic prosperity and regain its lost glory as the greatest country on the continent of Africa.”

Hon Femi Raphael, s, aid “Nigerians are yet ly demonstrate their independence, and our leaders are not living up to expectations, thereby making some regions lose hope by calling for succession.”

Mr Opeyemi Adeoti,  the Publisher of Holistic Infos online and Iwoye TV said, “Of a truth, we are not there yet, but we are moving forward.

“It is now 22 years of uninterrupted democracy, the longest in the history of the nation. This is a laudable feat, for the past 22 years we have determined who governs us and that has helped the people tremendously.”

Mr Babaijo Otepola Adeolu, JP Ex-Deputy Director PRS DEPT Kwara NOA Office Ilorin, said “A decade ago on an NTA live chat on Nigeria at 53, I used the National Anthem and the Pledge to analyze our expectations, aspirations and contributions to nation building. 10years on the line…..the citizens remain COMMITTED but it’s the leadership that has FAILED to provide enduring galvanization and good representation.

“Every facet of our national life is laced with CORRUPTION unlimited.
These have bedeviled the national ethos leading to massive erosion of morals and values. Our youths are NO more dependable.

“The emerging kids may NOT have role models for the next decade if the urgent remedy is not programmed.

“We are wasteful of time, resources and wellness….where lies our hope then? So saddened to behold of the great NIGERIA,” he added.

Taiwo Adediran,
Journalist and Public Affairs analyst said ” It’s quite unfortunate that 63 years after we gained independence, we are still where we are as a nation.

“You can imagine that people fought tooth and nail for liberty only for us to make a mess of it.

“This is another administration, and we’re hoping that they do something different. We are not advancing as we should, but we are not where we should be.”

Daniel Adimoha, another Public Affairs analyst said ” At age 63, Nigeria is not where it is expected to be especially when compared to other African countries.

“Let’s start by looking at the one that drives the economy ” POWER SUPPLY ”.

“As the giant of Africa, at this age and era, we are supposed to have 24/7 power supply in all nooks and crannies but corruption will never let that come to pass in this country.

“You might be surprised to know that there are workers in the energy sector whose priority is to create loopholes for leaking of the revenues generated.

“These set of persons along the line teach the younger ones who in turn teach those coming up too and it continues in a circle.

“Nigeria is blessed with resources and its management remains a quagmire.

“Put the energy sector aside, I bet you there is no sector of this country’s economy that corruption and mismanagement have not eaten deep into its fabric.

“The last hope of a common man ” JUDICIARY ” was recently put to the test and the reaction across the nation is worrisome.

“Those who are today sitting as judges were once lawyers and those who are lawyers today will become judges tomorrow and this kind of judgment will continue.

“As a friend will always tell me, ” Bros leave that country ” if I leave, I’ll return either dead or alive and if we don’t correct the anomalies we shall one day return to meet this country in a sorry state.

“If we have our machinery working, no sector of this country’s economy will be left behind.

“The security sector is becoming one of the worst, to the point that no day passes by without any negative report of killings, kidnap or banditry activities except if you choose to be deaf to happenings in the country.

“In all ramifications, the country needs a total overhaul, though I am not calling for a military coup.”

Mr David Emmanuel Busayo Publisher of Focused Info said “At 63 our leaders need to get it right and move our country forward”

Mr Linus Imodiboh public affairs analyst said “Sixty-three years down the line yet a country is still struggling with a barrage of societal challenges with no sign of ending them any moment soon.

“If Nigeria was a man who is in his sixties and he can’t boast about having adequate power supply, good motorable roads, adequate security for his citizens, good health care system, employment opportunities for his citizens then he would probably be contemplating suicide by now.

“Nigeria as a country has come a long way to live above the current status it is enjoying but one is saddened why it is not so. God has blessed this nation with everything good you can think of. Nigeria has the human resources to become the economic hub of the world.

“It has the resources to know nothing about the meaning of poverty, our country is blessed enough to be respected among the community of nations across the globe but unfortunately, we are where we are because we have failed to understand who we are.

“I am very sure that our founding fathers never envisaged the level of degeneration and moral miscarriages our leaders have given birth to when they put down their efforts to come up with the entity now called Nigeria. There will be a feeling of disappointment and betrayal if at all the dead can feel the action of the living.

“Another October 1, is looking at us yet it seems this date and month does not mean anything to us as a people under one nation. There are no productive reactions to the significance of this date and month. The date and month remind us year in and year out that the nation is ageing but without any meaningful legacy.

“Our leaders hold the responsibility to make this nation great, it is however sad to know that this does not exist in their thoughts.

“MY TAKE, the only power that can make Nigeria great is the sincere Nigerian power by Nigerian leaders. No one else will do this for us”

Ms Yetunde Olugbenga Freelance writer said ” Nigeria will be 63 years old in a few weeks yet the country is still crawling its way to economic growth. Since independence, Nigeria has faced various challenges.

“To date, the country is still in a state of dilemma varying from insecurity, corruption, and unemployment, among other challenges. Therein, ‘Japa’ is a new reality and it seems to be the only hope for financial freedom for the citizenry.

“This is because the people have lost hope in the country being great again. Hopefully, this celebration will bring forth betterment of the nation.”

Mr Ogunniyi Odunayo MD, Artdivine Architectural Concepts and Artdivine Media World said “Well, to God be the glory for the journey so far, honestly it had not been a sweet and glorious one in terms of economic, security, social and ethnic factors, we can see what the country is going through presently, we live by the river and yet wash our hands with spittle, only a few enjoy the riches of this country.

” Nevertheless I can see a glorious future for the country, all will change for the better by the grace of God Almighty.”

Mr Layi Olanrewaju SUN Kwara Correspondent said “My take on Nigeria at 63 is that we are not where we are to be but we have moved from where we started. If our leaders could shun selfish aggrandisement and be contented with what they have, Nigeria would be better.

“Corruption in various forms has taken over every known human endeavour and until we join hands to fight this cancer it might end up consuming us.

“Our economic managers must come up with policies that will not only favour the high in the society but all-encompassing for all citizens of the country. Our leaders need to look at the present democracy we are practicing it is too costly to maintain hence the urgent need to call for a modification to a homegrown system of governance.

“Security architecture must be changed and all our security agencies must be put on their toes to stem the insecurity menace in every corner of the country.”

Mr Dare Akogun. A broadcaster said, “Well the country although not where it should be after 63 years of independence, however, there is hope on the horizon with the current move of the present administration which I believe is a right step in the right direction.”

Mr Oriowo Adeniran public affairs analyst said “Nigeria at 63, my take is that if we are to compare the age with how we human beings grow in life, we will say by now Nigeria should have been able to achieve something or be successful in at least one particular thing like stable electricity in which we have a lot of other social amenities that a nation needs to develop, like good roads, good security, food production i.e looking inward into agriculture, good healthcare, but now Nigeria has not been able to succeed in all these aspects of life which is worrisome, but then I can’t say totally that Nigeria has been able to move forward only that things are not just working the way it should be.

” Nigeria can achieve all these which have been mentioned but if our leaders will think right and stop selfishness, greed and corruption in enriching their pocket, then I think we can be able to see Nigeria fast developing to catch up with some developing countries in which some Nigerians now japaing to, I mean travelling to now, countries like the UK, Canada, USA and so on, I belief with time and with good leaders Nigeria will be a better place to leave in, in the nearest future.”

Joseph Emeribe public affairs analyst said the only thing worth celebrating is the fact that Nigeria still exists as a united entity despite threats to its existence

“As for my honest view Sir, a 63-year-old man should be called a Grandpa by now and comparing that with Nigeria, our democracy is still lagging with so much needed to fix the rot in the system”

Mr Alfred Jones Public affairs analyst said “At 63, Nigeria is still suffering from the disease called corruption. It has eaten deep into almost every sector and our leaders are acting as if they don’t care”

Public Affairs Analyst Azeez Idowu Romeo said ” Greater heights to attain. Politically, still backwards, economically,  with almost zero- naira to dollar gap,’ securitically’ backward, unemployment troubles may not be conquered in the next 100 years, and academically deteriorating. Nigeria.

Prospering in religions without general holiness & righteousness top to bottom or bottom top

The Nigerian Leaders are working for themselves and their cronies and not for the math the that the asses get is 5% of the national cake from time immemorial. The unlucky & unfortunate nation called Nigeria”

Dhikroh Imam public analyst said “We thank God for keeping us alive and in good health.

Comparing years back with what obtains now; “one can say things are very bad. All sectors of human life are in a deplorable state because of poor management of our nation’s resources and poor governance.

“The depressed economy at the moment has made most Nigerians to be struggling to survive. A few households can afford three square meals, so we have resolved to eat what is available and not what we would like to eat.

“No good roads, lack of adequate infrastructure, and power supply. Health, education and other sectors are not in proper condition.

“Thus, I think our leaders need to put in place strategic measures and people-friendly policies to grow the economy and make our country better.

“Looking at President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s line of actions so far; one can say there is hope for Nigeria.

“We believe he has what it takes to restructure our country and reclaim the lost glory. If our leaders are committed and dedicated, and Nigerians generally can change our attitude in all dealings will wily change for the better and it will favour us all.

“I pray Allah guides President Tinubu towards achieving his ambitions and fulfilling his promises. May God continue to bless Nigeria.”

Mr Ajose Gabriel Oluwagbenga Security Consultant, Operations Officer said “We are moving into breakthroughs and unconventional era where we will begin to take positive decisions collectively and stand on our rights. That is how I see the future soon”

Prophet John Taiwo Ajibola of FIRE4FIRE ministry said “Well, firstly, I want to congratulate everyone if there will be any response because what is happening in the country that we are celebrating her existence does not commiserate with the kind of celebrations but still, we need to thank God that we are not consumed despite all the odds.

“Now let me drop my point here if we are celebrating Nigeria today what are we celebrating? Is it the inflammation, the hardship, insecurity, or no improvement in all sectors, honestly Nigerians are not happy at all with all these, the federal government of Nigeria under the watch of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu should please make sure that before we are planning to celebrate 64 years, at least 60 -700% of what we are suffering should be addressed, so we can celebrate it all in a happy mood, that’s my take on this matter, I wish Nigerians home and abroad happy independence, and pray that God almighty will Intervene in the affairs of the nation in Jesus name.”

Concerned citizen Prof Debo Ajayi said ” Nigeria @ 63?
A colossal waste! A tragedy! A failed state! A jungle of anything goes!
A country of dogs eating dogs!
A nation cannibalizing its citizens voraciously!
No light, no water, no road! No school! No hospital! Thieving banks and the corrupted security organisations in the world
A country without a single redeeming future! Everything in shambles
CBN- a useless monetary organisation
The public highways- Death craters
Education- a country of illiterates holding PhD through so-called “ Education Consultants“
You paid an agreed sum, and an uneducated person in that discipline uses Artificial Intelligence to write a complete thesis for you- the ignorant and lazy lecturers marvel at your erudition and award you a fake PhD without you writing anything!
Health- The hospitals are death chambers where a degree holder in Economics finds himself in the operating rooms as Surgeons and harvests your kidney for sale.
The doctors using candles for operations forgetting a block of operation kits in your stomach!

Olawmakersers whose goal in the National Assembly is not to make good laws for the nation but to appropriate more than 95% of the nation’s resources to themselves and cronies that are less than 1% of the population!

“A country of marauders, insurgents in all Geo-political Zones, robbers, kidnappers and 419ners!

A nation of male telecom card sellers and the best of them operating POS machines
Their ladies even with Higher degrees and no reasonable jobs, sell shirts and trousers for a living and these are sold through “ women wiles” to men who in turn with peanuts lure them to beds even when some of these ladies are married!

“The Government before was a kleptocracy and the new one a confused house with the sole aim of inflicting maximum punishment on the citizens through withdrawal of fuel subsidy for the unattainable utopia of a better tomorrow.

The youth, sold on drugs and epicureans pleasure with no motivation or ambition!
The country’s religion and religious values are fake riddled with hypocrisy and plenty of false values.

The Nigeria l know is dead, the vultures are hovering around the carcass to finish off her lifeless body! My commiseration to a failed state at 63!”

Another concerned citizen Yemisi Ayogun said ” Nigeria at 63, to my mind is a tale of sadness and joy. Joy in the sense that what I witnessed as a young boy in the late sixties and seventies was what a country should be.

In those years, everything was working in Nigeria, electricity hardly went off, and water was flowing in houses and public places.

Crime was at a low ebb in the country and the lives and properties of Nigerians and expatriates living in the country were safe.

I remember growing up in Ikoyi Lagos then, most houses in Ikoyi were fenced with wire gauze while gates were very low, but today, the reverse is the case.

At independence in 1960, Nigeria started with three regions and a parliamentary system of government where the three regions were autonomous and operated independently of the federal government’s interference.

All three regions of Western, Eastern, and Northern regions were developing at their paces using resources derivable from their region.

I learned that the Western Region had its own Appeal court before the federal government had one.

It is, however,  regrettable that the 1966 military coup marked the beginning of Nigeria’s problem which eventually led to the civil war.

What Nigerians enjoyed in terms of infrastructure was put in place by successive military governments, especially by Gen Yakubu Gowon’s administration.

Nigeria used to have a shipping line; Nigeria National Shipping Line (NNSL) with many cargo ships, Nigeria Airways with a fleet of aeroplanes, and Daily Times of Nigeria with many subsidiaries, just to mention a few national institutions.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said that when he came back in 1999 as elected president, there was no NNSL as the company had been liquidated and all the 14 ships in its fleet sold off, while the over 20 aeroplanes he handed over to the then President Shehu Shagari could not be accounted for.

Mismanagement and high-level corruption are the bane of Nigeria’s progress, corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of those in authority and until we change our orientation, there is no hope for the country.”

A Businessman Mr. Godwin Banji said “I pray for the betterment of Nigeria but it is a pity that Nigeria is still crawling because I have a daughter that was born that year in 1960. The girl has grown up and has children still Nigeria is still crawling. What I expect Nigeria should be is not like that I pray for the betterment of Nigeria and I look forward that Nigeria will be better very soon.

“I pray for Nigeria that Nigeria will change by the Grace of God and I pray for this government that God almighty will support the president and see him through. I pray that the canoe of Nigeria will never sink in Jesus’ name. Nigeria is moving a bit. Security now should be looked into. That is why I want to appeal to Nigerian leaders at Independence that security should change. Killing ourselves is supposed to be terminated before October 1, 2022”

Publisher, Afrika Eyes Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed said “At the age of 63, Nigeria finds itself mired in decades of governance marked by the same individuals who have held power since its independence in 1960. These long-standing leaders have continually enforced policies detrimental to the well-being of the populace, resulting in premature deaths for many.

Insecurity has spiralled to unprecedented levels, leaving citizens living in constant fear. Disturbingly, people are forced to pay levies to terrorists for the privilege of accessing their farmlands. Countless lives have been lost, and hundreds of women have suffered horrific acts of violence, including rape and murder. This dire situation has driven thousands from their ancestral homes, making them refugees in neighbouring states.

Unemployment rates have soared, and although thousands of graduates enter the job market annually, the government offers no meaningful support or plans to accommodate them. This lack of assistance has driven some graduates to engage in internet fraud as their only means of survival, a heartbreaking contrast to their potential.

The healthcare system is in a state of disarray, resulting in countless deaths and ongoing suffering. Nigerian leaders appear apathetic to the plight of their citizens, as they readily seek medical treatment abroad for even minor ailments.

At 63, Nigeria grapples with a reality where many cannot afford three square meals a day. The government, by removing the fuel subsidy and providing meagre palliatives, seems to be subjecting its citizens to a form of modern-day slavery, neglecting their fundamental needs and desires for good governance.

The nation is in desperate need of a comprehensive overhaul, and the demands of the people must be heeded, as the power of the individual appears to overshadow the power of the people. Fear and anxiety have become pervasive due to the overwhelming insecurity, while hunger and poverty have sadly become familiar companions for citizens.”

Concerned citizen Elder Samuel Shobowale Mohammed said “We thank Almighty father that spared our lives up to this time. As we are preparing to celebrate independence anniversary, we pray to God that He grants us more knowledge, more peace for the progress of this country.

” In Nigeria, you know we are different tribes in this country, we have the Yoruba tribe, the Hausa tribe, the Igbos and so many others but there is no love. That is my observation. We don’t love ourselves. Look at the appointees of Bola Tinubu some Igbo people have been criticizing that most of them are Yoruba. What we are after is what will make Nigeria good, anybody who bothers to be there, we pray for him, God will stand behind him and let him succeed in whatever he is going to do for better Nigeria.

“We don’t mind about wherever he comes from. He can be Hausa, he can be Igbo, he can be Yoruba is a Nigerian. Tribal and hatred is what I don’t like in our habits. When we join our hands together, we pray to God this is what we need, this is what we want for this country definitely God will answer us. As some people are carrying it up some people will be carrying it down. For example look at Wike’s appointment, according to him, he said Abuja has a master plan, he wants to follow that master plan but some people don’t like it. Like yesterday, Wike pulled down a very important market in Abuja but was sited in the wrong place before they started the job, they supposed to ask those who are in charge about the land.

“During the time of Awolowo he said if you slap law, law will retaliate. That land is government land the master plan is there but some people don’t want to follow that master plan. When the correction comes now, Wike has become wicked person before them while he is doing the right thing. We pray to God to help us erase that tribal and hatred sentiments people are thinking because Tinubu is a Yoruba man.

” No. Anybody who is there we pray for him, anybody God put there we pray for him to succeed and Nigeria will succeed. God will hear our prayers because the Bible says when we unite together, we call him he will listen to us. Tribal sentiment, religion sentiment, if we can erase all these type of things God will definitely hear our prayers. I pray to Almighty God everyday that God should give us peace, long life and prosperity. Happy independence celebration in advance.”

Dr Bola Payimo, Pastor at Royal Royal Covenant Assembly Ilorin said “I will always expect us to believe that there is going to be a better Nigeria. It is disheartening that between 1960 and now, we are where we are but we can still begin to move forward it can be better. We should not give up on Nigeria if we give up on Nigeria we loose everything that is my message to Nigeria as we celebrate our 63rd anniversary”

It would be recalled that Nigeria gained independence from Britain, in 1960, with late Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as the Prime Minister leading a coalition government of parliamentary system. Three years later, it became a republic on 1 October 1963.

The country became a British protectorate in 1901 as the period of British rule lasted until 1960 when an independence movement led to the country being granted independence.

Nigeria first became a republic in 1963, but succumbed to military rule after a bloody coup d’état in 1966.

It would also be recalled that in 1953, Enahoro became the first to move the motion for Nigeria’s independence which was eventually granted in 1960, after several political setbacks and defeats in the parliament. Enahoro has been regarded by academics and many Nigerians, as the “Father of Nigeria State”.

It experienced a civil war from 1967 to 1970, followed by a succession of military dictatorships and democratically elected civilian governments until achieving a stable democracy in the 1999 presidential election.

Ethnic strife soon led to military coups, and military groups ruled the country from 1966 to 1979 and from 1983 to 1999.

Dame Flora Louise Shaw, Lady Lugard DBE (born 19 December 1852 – 25 January 1929), was a British journalist and writer. She is credited with having coined the name Nigeria.



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