2023: I am fully OBIdient — Anglican Archbishop; mobilises support for Obi

The Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, (Anglican Communion), Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, has dismissed insinuations that he is against the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, saying that those who tried to use his name to de-market the candidate have failed.

Chukwuma said, yesterday, in Enugu that he has been supporting and promoting the Obi-dient mantra and even had it written down in his 2022 Synod address a month ago.

He restated his call for a new Nigeria, noting that the country cannot afford to witness another set of bad leadership in 2023.

He added that the LP candidate in whom the mantra, Obi-dient, is personified, has shown integrity, capability and honest concerns for Nigerians, as well as the desire to take the country out of its present woes. (The Guardian: Text, excluding headline)

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