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Gov. AbdulRazaq Deserves Second Term With His laudable achievements in 3-years ~ Towoju

By Taiwo Ogunniyi

The Honourable Commissioner for Communication in Kwara State, Mr Olabode Towoju in an exclusive interview with Choice Reporters about the activities of the Kwara State government led by Governor AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman in the last three years.

Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Question: Can we meet you, sir?

Answer: My name is Olabode Towoju. I hail from Oke-ero local government.
Presently, I am the Commissioner for Communication in Kwara state.

Question: How will you assess the three years administration of governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq?

Answer: Three years seems like a long time, right? Well, we’ve come a long way in terms of education, infrastructure, health, etc. I’ll start by breaking them down one after the other.

Starting with the health sector, “health is wealth.” This means that it is only a man with good health who will be able to think about creating wealth.

The urgent need to revamp the health sector made this present government swing into action when it got into power. One of the major things done was getting more oxygens plants as there was just one oxygen plant in the whole of Kwara state before now.
Also, a lot of our hospitals were renovated and remodelled, with new equipment, not leaving Kwara north behind. This has attracted people from neighbouring countries.

This government has zero tolerance for malaria.A lot has been done to curb it, eg; the provision of mosquito-treated nets

Kwara Commissioner for Communication, Bode Towoju

On education;
the educational standard had been destroyed before we came on board. There was no conducive learning environment which now has been created. There were lots of courses in our institution that were not accredited by the council responsible for the accreditation of tertiary institutions. There was also a lack of qualified teachers and lecturers. The most disgusting was the fact that since 2013, UBEC had blacklisted Kwara state. Many thanks to His Excellency, Mallam AbdulRazaq who settled with the UBEC and got the Kwara name restored. This administration has ensured the payment of salary all arrears to Colleges of Education workers, water works and other parastatals.

Mallam Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq is indeed a man who talks and works the talk. Now, coming down to infrastructures. There are ongoing construction works on the Kwara ICT hub which is over 80 per cent done.
After its completion, it will become the second of its kind in Africa.
We also have Ilorin Visual Art Center, Garment Factory, Film Factory Village; all of these projects are nearing completion.
Presently, a flyover is being constructed at Tanke to aid the traffic congestion situation at Tipper Garage junction and also reduce the loss of man-hours due to traffic hold-ups.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is a visionary man who thinks outside the box.
Making Kwara state a centre of excellence is what we are doing. And there is still more to be given by the governor, hence he will require more years to serve Kwarans.

Question: When are we going to witness the commissioning of capital-intensive landmark projects by this administration as the general elections draw nearer?

Answer: Most of it has a time frame, and we are working day and night to beat each time frame. In the next two to three month, we hope to commission the I. C. T Hub Centre and Ilorin Visual Art Centre. Everything will certainly be completed because Kwara money is put in the right place.

Question: What are the measures being put in place by the state government on roads’ interconnectivity within the 16- local government areas of the State?

Answer: it was said that one of the causes of the rising prices of food items was poor road networks connecting the rural areas to the urban centres. Considering the Esie Museum road, after it’s been fixed, there has been an easy thorough fare pass for people who go to visit the museum. Apart from that, the government has provided boreholes for the rural areas to help them, health-wise.

Question: Kindly shed more light on the approvals and payment of the N30,000 minimum wage salary to Kwara State workers.

Answer: Initially, we started it from level one to six, but later continued up to level seventeen. So for now, we’ve paid a full minimum wage across the board. Civil servants on grade levels 1 – 17. Sincerely, It’s good here in Kwara state although we’ve not gotten to where we are going. We also have the lecturers in mind. Once the economy improves, they’ll also get their share of the minimum wage.

Question: it was being said that you are merely covering up for Governor AbdulRazaq’s gaffes. The question now is, how do you manage criticism, especially negative ones?

Answer: Some people call me “Commissioner for Propaganda”, but it does not move me. I love it because it serves as a measure of checks and balances for me. Anyone can say whatever he likes, but as far as my conscience is concerned, I am not bothered.

On a final note, for the continuous progress of Kwara state, let’s endeavour to always put Kwara first and support the state government.
Edited by Felix Ajide

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