Tinubu-Shettima hired my Pastor as a Bishop; their generations’ll suffer – Popular Nigerian Archbishop, Samson Mustapha

General Overseer of Resurrection Praise Ministry, Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin, has rained curses on the All Progressives Congress (APC), the Party’s presidential candidate and running mate, Tinubu-Shettima for hiring fake Bishops during the unveiling of Kashim Shettima as the presidential running mate of the Party, last week.

Bishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin during a street demonstration revealed that one of the fake bishops is a pastor in his ministry and has worked for him for a long time before he transferred him to Ilorin and that he has never been a bishop.

He mentioned his name as Pastor David Obi while placing curse of those that hired him and other fake Bishops.

The man of God stated that God is terribly angry with the APC government for what they have done and their generations will suffer for it because they desecrated the altar of Jesus Christ and abused the priestly office.

Describing this as an abomination, he declared that they have crossed the line, will not go unpunished and that Tinubu would never become the president of Nigeria.

“God is terribly angry with what they have done and he has sent me to warn them for they have attacked the church and atonement isn’t possible right now because they have already desecrated the altar of Jesus.

“The altar of the Christians have been desecrated, this is an abomination.

“Look at how the priestly office was insulted, we saw bishops, APC bishops with cigarette in their mouth, what an insult to out altar!

“I stand and speak not for Christians but sensible Nigerians, if they were right they would have listened to Nigerians and ensure the ticket doesn’t go.

If you claim the Christians are not competent, why do you go as far as hiring fake Bishops?

“This is an insult to our office, a man dressed with cassock and a cigarette in his mouth, imagine me on the street holding a cigarette, is that not an insult to the office of a bishop?

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“All those who have insulted the office of the Bishop will be full of trouble all their days including their family.

“You will eat and drink shame, you have crossed the line and because of that, you deserve no honour at all.

“One of the hired Bishops is Pastor David Obi, he worked with me for a long time till I was in Lagos before I transferred him to Ilorin.

“Pastor David Obi is not a bishop, all of you that desecrated the office of the bishop, fire will come after you and your family, your generation will suffer for desecrating the office of the Bishop, enough is enough, and who will theses kind of leaders become? If they become leaders they will be liars.

“Shettima and Tinubu have committed the greatest offence against the altar of Jesus Christ and as a spoke person of Jesus, I will bring you to your evil.

“All Nigerians should listen and hear that not only are these people greedy, they are desperate for they have committed a sin of desecration, they will not go unpunished.

“Shetimma and Tinubu will not go unpunished. Tinubu hired them, they betrayed their masters for N30,000, all of you that wore the garment not meant for your office will receive the judgment of God for you allowed yourselves to be induced and committed a sin of desecration, Tinubu will not see that seat at all for insulting the insensibility of the Christians.’’

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