Clerics Warn Against Lingering ASUU Strike

Leaders and ministers of churches in the country have appealed to unions in the nation’s universities to quickly resolve the lingering ASUU strike in the interest of the students.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Monday under the aegis of fellowship of leaders and ministers of Bible-believing churches, the clerics, led by Pastor Abel Aiyedogbon, said that future of Nigeria may be in jeopardy if youth are not prepared for expected roles.

“As a body and stakeholders to the destinies of our children, we are appealing to the parties concerned especially the federal government to quickly resolve the ASUU crisis because the students involved are the future leaders of our nation and if they are not prepared for such roles as expected, the future of our country may be in jeopardy. Today is the womb of tomorrow, what we do with our nation today will determine how strong the country will be tomorrow. The Nigeria of tomorrow is certainly going to be what the ruling class of today organises it to be”.

The church leaders and ministers said that the long strike action had showed alleged insensitivity on part of the nation’s policy makers and all the stakeholders involved, adding that the plights of university students who have been at the receiving end over the years need to be considered.

The clerics, who are meeting in Ilorin for annual Fellowship Conference, themed, “THE CHURCH IN TIME LIKE THIS”, condemned alleged financial inducement in the nation’s politiking, saying that “Nigeria will never have quality leaders if money politics is sustained”.

The body cautioned Nigerian political leaders on religious consideration ahead of 2023 general elections, saying that, “It is a form of religious intolerance to even contemplate either a Muslim-Muslim ticket or Christian-Christian ticket. Balancing the scale will ensure unity by offering a sense of belonging to all. The silent truth is that no Muslim can lead Nigeria without Christians’ support and no Christian can lead the country without Muslims’ support. We need ourselves to lead and lead well”.

The church leaders also advised the nation’s political leaders against making empty promises, saying that, “Nigeria needs leaders who will rule with the fear of God and love for the people and not those who will make promises that they cannot fulfill. We have gotten to the point where we can no longer rely on promises but achievement, past records and antecedent.

“As ordained ministers and church leaders, we remain resolute in actualizing the Nigeria project and will continue to work for the unity and progress of the country. The nation must urgently return to God for help and restoration.

“The Bible states that “and if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”

“2 Chronicles 7.14. As a nation, we must recognize our failures and in-abilities, show remorse for our sins, turn to God to help us in where we cannot do and seek His presence with penitence. It is then we can expect revival and restoration of God’s favor, presence, peace, truth and power.

“As we look forward to a better Nigeria, all citizens should endeavor to play their respective roles as expected and treat the others with dignity and honour”.

Edited by Felix Ajide

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