Cleric Urges Politicians To Render Genuine Service To Humanity

Diocesan Administrator, Ilorin Catholic Diocese Very Rev. Fr. Anselm Pendo Lawani speaking at the Communication Day.


Politicians have been called upon to render genuine service to humanity and the country, as the 2023 general election draws closer.

The Diocesan Administrator, Ilorin Catholic Diocese Very Rev. Fr. Anselm Pendo Lawani made the call at the 56th World Communications Day at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, Ilorin, Kwara state with the theme: listening Ability: Fundamental in Journalism, Church and Governance.

He said ” the church message to the politicians is very clear, politics is not a do or die affair there must be the spirit of services which should be the motivating factors.

“Some politicians have openly remarked that if they are not given the opportunity they go on with their lives.

“There must be genuine spirit of service to God and humanity and politicians should be ready to sacrifice their lives, their comfort for the good of the common man. They should have empathy and fear of God”

He also stressed the need for everyone to obtain their permanent voters card saying “electioneering season has already started everybody should endevour to obtain their permanent voters card (PVC)

“The church is not partisan, the church will never tell you vote for this person or vote for this party because members of the church belong to different political parties but the church would also say vote according to your conscience, vote for credible leaders, look at the anticident of the person what has the person done before having been entrusted with public office how has the person done or perform.

While speaking on the theme of this year World Communication Day:”Listening with the Ear of the Heart” as given by the His Holiness, Pope Francis. “listening is understood to be part of communication process, and equally known to be a condition for genuine dialogue. It is through this we can enjoy good understanding.

“It is on this note one need to ask:Are we listening to one another in the family? Are we listening to one another in the church? Are we listening to one another intently in the society? Are we listening to one another genuinely in the country? We must “Listen with the Ear of the Heart” he said.

“Leaders must listen to followers just as followers are obliged to listen to their leaders. There must be mutual understanding so as to forge ahead in the nation’s affairs. We must understand that the true seat of listening is the heart. Pope Francis says, it is openness of heart that makes closeness possible.

“The problem of insecurity in Nigeria will become a thing of the past if only we can cultivate the act of listening to one another with fair, confident, and honest openness.

“This will certainly erase the mistrust getting entrenched in our society. It is the inability to listen intently to one another that is leaving sterile aggression and violence in its wake.”

“In the words of Pope Francis, Communication does not take place if listening has not taken place, and there is no good journalism without the ability to listen.

“In order to provide solid, balance and complete information, it is necessary to listen for a long time.To recount an event or describe an experience in news reporting, it is essential to know how to listen, to be ready to change one’s mind, to modify one’s initial assumptions.” he said.

The Director of Social Communications, Catholic Diocese of Ilorin Rev. Fr. Christopher Atoyebi also expressed optimism that this year’s world Communication Day would “inspire us to see the power of listening, in order to cultivate act of listening in our relationship in the church, among nations of the world, in our families, places of work. We must listen to read the signs of time and act accordingly” he said.

In his remarks, the President Catholic Media Practioners of Nigeria Kwara State Chapter Mr Yemi Adurotoye said the occasion would enlighten the people on teaching of the church regarding media and communications” it will help build stronger commsunities based on dialogue, mutual rebyspect, it will facilitate collaboration among individual and church organs, it will empower the people for democratic citizens”