Abuja Court Dissolves 15-year-old Marriage Over Husband’s Joblessness

The Abuja High Court on Wednesday granted a housewife’s application for divorce over her husband’s inability to provide for his family.

Justice Muayiwah Idris held that the court had no option but to dissolve the 15-year-old union, saying the petitioner, Ogechukwu Eddoh, had shown cause against her husband, Bartholomew.

“The petitioner has discharged the burden of proof placed on her. She is entitled to the decree of the dissolution of a marriage contracted on April 27, 2007.

“The respondent and petitioner cease to be husband and wife from this day.

“The evidence before the court shows that the petitioner has been responsible for the welfare of the three children.

“The court grants the petitioner custody of the three children, and the respondent shall provide for their welfare which includes schooling, medication, feeding and accommodation, among others,” he held.

In her petition, the mother of three sought the court’s order to dissolve the marriage, saying the respondent had not fulfilled his parental responsibility to the children since 2015.

The petitioner told the court that the respondent abandoned their home when the landlord served them a quit notice in 2015.

“This action forced me to take my three children to my parents.

“After some weeks at my parents, he sent me a message telling me to move his remaining belongings to his parent’s house.

“He is a loafer, who depended on friends for his livelihood,” she said. (NAN)