OHSOSA Honours Mogaji Aresa, Others At Special Get-together

By Taiwo Ogunniyi

Members of the Oke Ado High School Old Students Association (OHSOSA) at the weekend bestowed a special recognition award on their national president, Chief Adesina Olatunji-Aresa, for exemplary leadership.

Titled, Award for Recognition, Chief Olatunji-Aresa was recognized for rendering selfless, commendable and meritorious service as National
President of OHSOSA by the 1986 set in appreciation of a job well done.

At the special get-together organized by the Class of ’86 of their alma mater, the first national vice-president of the group, Mr. Tunji Adesanya, from the United Kingdom (UK), was also accorded a rousing reception in his honour, while he reciprocated the gesture with gifts to members of the association.

Speaking during the special get-together of the OHSOSA, the national president, Chief Adesina Olatunji-Aresa, said that both the alma mater and members of the old students association have a lot to gain to improve themselves and the school towards building a viable relationship.

Chief Olatunji-Aresa, who emphasized importance of old students association, said that networking among old students is capable of contributing to socioeconomic wellbeing of individual members of the group.

“Before, we were students and now we are professionals in various fields, be it medicine, law, welding, insurance, carpentry, building etc. We need ourselves the more now than before. We have the responsibility to engage ourselves in what we do to achieve networking benefits.

“The least among lofty benefits of old students association is the opportunity to meet ourselves after many years of schooling. Also, there are benefits to the school in form of improving infrastructure and to the young students, who would eventually be members of this association.

“Our children would be getting married, they would be gaining admission to higher institutions, they would need one assistance or the other on their way to the top. When we have good networking, we’ll benefit one thing or the other from ourselves”.

Also speaking, the national vice president of OHSOSA, Tunji Adesanya, expressed his appreciation for a befitting reception in his honour.

“Thank God for the social media, what you may probably take for granted here means a lot to us in the diaspora. You see each other when you feel like. But it’s not so for some of us over there. So, I appreciate your coming. I pray we’ll all continue to be good fruits of our alma mater”, he said.

He charged members to always have cardinal points on what to give back to the school and how to help one another.

He also reiterated the need for continued cooperation among OHSOSA members, saying that it’s not until one’s demise that he or she is remembered, adding that we should always celebrate ourselves.

Edited by Felix Ajide