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Omupo Descendants Union Organises Summit To Empower Youths

Olomu of Omupo, Alhaji Yakubu Buari speaking at the summit

Omupo Descendants Union (ODU) has organised a day Youth Summit held on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at West End, Omupo, Kwara State to empower youths in the community.

According to the ODU National Chairman, Dr Monisoye Afolabi, the summit was organised to re-awaken the  consciousness of the youths on inestimable value of hardwork, industry and self-development.

The communique signed at the end of the summit by the convener, Engineer Tayo Ayinla called for massive membership drive into the Alomoole Cooperative society with not less than 1000 membership drive to enable it get more involvement in the activities and projects of the cooperative.

The participants at the seminar urged Omupo indigenes to encourage and mobilise all to . register for the cooperative, which cost N300 only, and N24,000 for shareholder.

The communique at the end of the seminar also stressed the need to provide clusters for all economic activities within the community.

It called for mentorship programme for the youths in the community.

It suggested creation of a WhatsApp platform for that purpose and to further leverage on the existing channel already being promoted by Alhaji Taju Adigun, Alhaji Bashir Idris and Prof. Raphael Olarinoye.

The communique urged the elites and those privileged to be of influence in Omupo community to make opportunities like jobs, scholarship, training, etc. available known to the youths through available platforms

It also urged the ODU executives to organise skills acquisition and employment opportunities for youths,  adding that the youth president in collaboration with Dr Biola Adimula, should collate youth datas, like names, telephone numbers, compound names, academic qualifications, area of interest.

Youth president was advised to work with Alomoole Cooperative to organise partnership/ sponsorship programme for skills acquisition and employment.

The communique urged the executive of the ODU to item economic projects for the community to be funded through target specific crowd funding per approved project.

This includes voluntary contributions from indigent, project consideration 1, pharmaceutical shop, while Pharm. Sikiru Buari was encouraged  to prepare feasible report for consideration.

The communique stressed the need to curb the havoc occasionally caused by the Bororo against farmers in the community, saying that farmers should be  encouraged to farm in clusters and arrange security oversight among themselves.

The choicereporters noted that the video CD of the summit cost N2,000 only and to order, those interested were advised to call or WhatsApp, 08051692050

Speaking on the seminar, Prof. Raphael Dele Olarinoye said the summit was a success with educative and memorable outcome.

He said the community should find a way of making a good written record of it for future use, saying he was  particularly impressed with the attendance of youths of age differentials.

“May I congratulate our Kabiyesi,the Olomu of Omupo, Alhaji Adebayo Yakubu Buari, the organisers for a wonderful job.

“The three main speakers were very practical in their presentations. I salute them for this. May God continue to be our Guide,” Prof. Olarinoye added.

The three main speakers were Alhaji Fatai Aremu, a businessman, Alhaji Taju Adigun, a media and public relations expert and Dr Biola Adimula,  a lawyer  and taxation expert.