Group Urges Gov AbdulRazaq To Remove Edu LG TIC Chairman

By Taiwo Ogunniyi

The APC concerned members in Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State Friday called on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq to replace the Edu LGA TIC chairman Mohammed Aliyu in pursuance of peace and unity in the local government.

Spokesman of the group Alhaji Mohammed Mariam Al Hassan while speaking with newsmen in Ilorin said that the conduct of the Edu TIC chairman in trying to create a dichotomy between the township and the surrounding villages in the local government area can snowball into a communal crisis in the area.

Alhaji Mohammed who was reacting to a viral audio where the TIC chairman in company of the Secretary to the State Government and the former Commissioner of Agric Gideon Yissa Saba where the trio were allegedly involved in conspiracy plot against the people of town and the people of Edu local government for political reasons.

According to him “Nupes are known for hegemonic communalism from time immemorial irrespective of the geographical locations of towns and settlements.

“Our inter marriage system is true reflection and confirmation of my assertion of our homogeneity claim.

“A critical analysis of every Nupe person will certainly confirm that he /she is in one way or the other, linked to other township and village settlement,” he said.

He said the trio who are occupants of public office of high responsibility that requires restraint and maturity in handling issues of common interests were fanning embers of disunity, especially the TIC chairman who is supposed to be the chief security officer of the council.

He said “It was quiet disheartening and shocking to access an audio recording where the trio of Prof. Mamma Saba, Mohammed Aliyu a.k.a Labasa and Gideon Yissa Saba were involved in a very destructive conspiracy plot against the township people of Edu LGA in the name of wooing Suleiman Belle to step down for Gideon Yisa Saba from contesting the House of Assembly seat.

The said audio has gone viral and exposed the politcal wickedness of these three personalities as it exposed their inordinate and secret plans to monopolize the politcal fortunes of our people because of their greed and selfishness.

“The most unfortunate of it, was the use of Bata-Kinti socio cultural association that was primarily formed over two decades ago to attract infrastructural developments and prosperity to the surrounding village settlements,” he said.

Continuing he says “The trio are occupants of public office of high responsibility’s that requires maximum restraint, caution, maturity, understanding and patience in handling and managing issues of common interests. The community and state interest will always be Supreme and supercede any personal interest.

“The weight of the obnoxious language used in the audio recording was least expected and is already causing bad blood and tension among the people across the local government since the audio was leaked to general public,” he said.

Alhaji Al Hassan, however, called on concern stakeholders, traditional rulers and the government to look into the matter for peace and harmony to reign Supreme in the council.

” Except by divine and possibly with our royal fathers and responsible stakeholders intervention, an unimaginable crisis is looming in the nook and likely to occur any time in the days ahead.

” No good investor will want to risk his investments where there are civil strifes and communal crises. Unfortunately, the TIC chairman who is supposed to be the chief security officer of the local government area is the one going about fanning the crises embers.

“Because of his unruly behavior and unacceptable attitude in managing the local government administration, it becomes impossible for the TIC chairman to stay in the local government headquarters, Lafiagi. Instead he now operates from Ilorin,”.he added.

Edited by Felix Ajide