Woman Kills Self Over Husband’s Plan To Take Another Wife

A businesswoman in Kaduna, Mary Ochugbede has killed herself after finding out the plan of her husband to marry a second wife.

A family source that spoke with Dailypost on the incident said Mary started dating her husband when he graduated from secondary school in 2000.

The source disclosed that Mary who graduated from the university in 1998, met her husband who was just a secondary school graduate and vowed to train him at the university level.

He said, “She loves her husband whom she met in 2000 when her husband was in secondary school. As I am talking with you, the husband is now a Masters’s degree holder. She sponsored everything.

The source added that the wife started noticing changes in the husband’s character when he began to make secret calls.

He said, “Her friend leaked the secret of her husband’s plan to marry another woman, she told her, the date and time of engagement.

She waited till the date and followed all the directions given to her on the date of engagement, and met her husband dancing, celebrating with a large crowd.”

He noted that as Mary saw them, she quietly went home, drank some chemicals and slept off. (Daily Post)