Roman Abramovich Handed Deadline to Sell Chelsea Otherwise Risks Survival of Club

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, has been told of the need to agree a sale before May 31 to ensure he protects the future of the Club, according to reports.

It has been a whirlwind, chaotic and seismic week for Chelsea which started with Abramovich placing the Club up for the sale on Wednesday 2 March amid calls for him to be sanctioned over his links to the Russian-state and Vladimir Putin following the war in Ukraine. 

Fast forward a week later and calls for the 55-year-old grew, and on Thursday it was confirmed that the Chelsea owner would be sanctioned, which would see his assets frozen, effectively limiting money coming in and out of Chelsea. 

The consequences have already started to have an effect on Chelsea. Club employees have already been laid off, Pat Nevin revealed, while all the squads and staff work under uncertain conditions on a daily basis. 

With the special license issues to Chelsea which allows them to continue playing until the end of the season, and finances allowed to be used to pay the players and staff, as well as other necessary costs including travel expenses, merchandise and ticket sales have been stopped, restricting revenue streams, paining a bleak picture on the Club’s short-term finances.

Chelsea have been told that a deal must be agreed before the licence runs out on May 31 to guarantee the survival of the club as a functioning entity’.