Infrastructure: Kwara APC chieftains say Gov. AbdulRazaq making party proud

Elders and Youths of the All Progressives Congress (APC), AA Progressives Forum in Ilorin South local government area of Kwara State have commended Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for fixing urban and rural roads, renovation and construction of classrooms, improved water supply, upgrade of health facilities among other projects with direct impacts on the masses. 

APC chieftain in Ilorin South local government, Prince Agboola Abdulkadir gave the commendation during the visit of members of AA Progressives Forum to Government House Ilorin at the weekend.

“We want to thank you very much for all the projects, the empowerment of our people especially in Ilorin South local government area.

“We are not part of those that said the Governor has not done anything. We see what you are doing and we believe you will do more in the nearest future In Shaa Allaah.

“Of particular importance to us is the Children Specialist Hospital that you equipped to standard.

We thank you very much for that. I remember when we told you about the state of the hospital and you promised to do it.

“We also want to plead that you return the maternity wing to that hospital because it has been there for more than 70 years. In fact, some of our fathers were given birth to at the hospital. We will appreciate that. 

“You are taking care of virtually all our basic schools in Kwara State. We are particular about schools in Ilorin South, we have seen the development you are doing. We thank you for that,” he said

He acknowledged the massive investment of AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq administration in road infrastructure, water, health and education across the state, particularly in Ilorin South local government area. 

“On our roads, you promised to fix it after the rainy season and we thank God you have started doing that. We are able to raise our shoulders high now because of what you have done in fixing our roads and opening up new ones.

“Now, the people of Alagbado are happy with you. For 16 years, the road has been bad. You came in and fixed it within one year of your administration. For Agbabiaka road, people in that axis almost believed they were not part of Ilorin or Kwara but now you have fixed it. We thank you for that. 

“We still want to thank you for the General Tunde Idiagbon bridge being constructed at Tanke. We have two thanksgivings for that. One, it is in our local government. Secondly, you have made us happy naming the bridge after one of our illustrious sons in Ilorin, Late General Tunde Idiagbon, and for a host of things like that.

“As I left my house, water was running right in my bathroom. This is something we have not experienced for a very long time. Since you came on board, we have been enjoying that,” Prince Abdulkadir explained. 

He commended AbdulRazaq for working hard in ensuring adequate security of lives and properties. 

“On security, you have done well. I was in the security. I know when they say security is good. I was in the top echelon of security and I know why there is peace here,” he said.

“We acknowledge what you have done for us in health, education, water and the rest. We thank you for that but we are pleading that you do more for us in the local government.”

For his part, the leader of AA Progressives Forum in Ilorin South local government, AbdulRazaq Amode, explained that the visit was to appreciate AbdulRazaq for his achievements in health, education, water and other sectors of the economy. 

Responding, Governor AbdulRazaq assured the visitors that the government is aware of challenges in some communities in the state and would do more to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the people. 

“I was in Fufu, headquarters of Ilorin South local government earlier to see what is going on there. I can see that the party is doing well administering the local government despite the scarce resources in the local government. Can we do more? Yes. We are going to do more. We saw the challenges we are having there. We will improve on what we are doing and step up the game. We met the people in the rural communities of Ilorin South,” he said.

“We also made similar visit to the urban side. It is important we carry our people along whether they are in the rural areas or urban areas. People told us what the challenges are.”

“I also appreciate the community engagement going on by the local government and the traditional rulers as well. We also met various communities. This is just to let you know that this government is alive to its responsibilities.”

He implored members of the forum to continue to engage various communities especially in Ilorin South local government and channel the feedback to his office to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people of the state. 

“Yes, we are doing a lot of infrastructure in schools, hospitals and all that to ensure that we make our people happy. So, I want you to continue to give us feedback because you are the grassroots politicians,” The governor said.

AbdulRazaq called on the people of the state to be wary of politicians who intend to return the state to the days of non-payment of salaries and collapse of infrastructure. 

“You are one of the first set of group we are receiving here at the Government House. We just renovated this place. When we came in, this place was leaking. That was the way the former administration left the state. They left a collapsed state. We have been able to gradually turn it around, changing things from wards, local government areas to the state level.

“When you see these people saying that they want to do election and come back, I don’t know what they want to come back and do. Do they want to come back and completely collapse the state? These are the people that could not even pay salaries. What are they coming back to do? To continue not to pay salaries?

“These are the people that could not put basic hospitals in place. So, they want to come back to empty the hospitals completely? There’s a lot that we have achieved across every sector. People can see and relate with those things themselves,” he added.