Group launches initiative to reduce poverty, maternal mortality in Kwara

CEO of the foundation, Dr. Elizabeth Bukola Ijaodola addressing press

A Nigeria, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), operating under the aegis of ‘Delouse Rural and Urban Women Initiative’ has launched a 3-year initiative programme as part of efforts to reduce maternal mortality and tackle poverty in the society.

Addressing Journalists during the launching ceremony and award of excellence to selected personalities that had contributed to the development of the women and children in Kwara state and beyond, the CEO of the foundation, Dr. Elizabeth Bukola Ijaodola, disclosed that the three-year initiative programme was based on three scope; Medical health, Financial Health and Social Health.

“As a maternal health advocate, we discovered that the only way we can curb the high maternal death in Nigeria is to deploy 3 tiers solution in addressing maternal health issue.

“The maternal death is quite alarming, 850 per 100,000 birth, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In Africa, we are rated number 4 in among most populous population with high maternal death.

“Many reasons are responsible for this menace, most women cannot afford quality healthcare, women are placed as second citizen, most women lack confidence to talk on what they are passing through health wise.

Dignitaries at the occasion

“The initiative will promote subsidized healthcare for women, curb the poverty level, because according to the bureau of statistics, 90 million of Nigerians lives in poverty.

“We are forming a cooperative society that will promote women in business with free interest loan. We are also partnering some private organizations and government to give women proper healthcare and train them on sustainable income”.

Disclosing number of people to benefit from the initiative, Dr. Ijaodola said “our target is 16,000 women in Kwara state, means 1,000 per each Local Government Area in the state. We are closing target already with support of women volunteers”.

Acknowledging the importance of the initiative in the society and given women better life, one of the foremost women advocate, Pastor Busola Olotu, said “this initiative is timely because women are fast become endangered species due to level of poverty in the country, this initiative has come at the right time.

“Moreover, with the way and manner the initiative is designed it will help greatly in curbing poverty in the society, because by empowering a woman, it will definitely affect the entire family of that woman positively, due to the strategic position women occupied in the family”.

Pastor Olotu, however, urged government to embrace this kind of initiative that care for better living for women, saying “this type of initiative is critical to the foundation of better society because of critical roles women play in the society”.

The highpoint of the even included health sensitization, formation of cooperative society to achieve the organization target and conferment of award of excellence to women of substance in the society.