2023: Group Warns Against Do-or-die Politics

As 2023 general elections draw closer, Politicians have been urged not to take politics as a do-or-die affair

The Conveyner, Kwara Likemins Front (KLM), Mr Maswell Kolawole Made that call at a political awareness rally in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital on Wednesday.

Kolawole, who stressed the need to desist from such act, said “some of us are getting wiser everyday, Kwarans are wiser now, people want a good governance not thurgery, that is what we are canvassing.

Mr Maswell Kolawole, a former DPP state chairman noted that Kwara Likemins Front, is a political pressure group which support credibility

“We are also urging people to get their PVCs and not to sell their votes because that is their right. We are calling on credible people to come out and vie for one post and another in the state

“We are doing what we are doing for free because everybody has the right to vote, everybody has the right to make choice of his candidate, we put pressure on the government to do the right thing that is what we are here to do, we are not fighting anyone, we are not against anyone, we are not for anyone, we are not enemity.

Kwara Likeminds Fronts leader, Maswell Kolawole

“We support credibility, anyone that has the ability, irrespective of the the party, we canvass for reliable People.

“Let me state without mincing words that the success of the 2023 General elections is in the hands of the people. The success is absolutely dependent on the quality of the contestants, the understanding and participation of the people and very importantly, the electoral process.

The Nigerian politics is described as “dirty” – a characteristic that has made many worthy personalities steer clear of this murky water. This has been the practice over the years with the nation’s viable individuals channeling their efforts towards their chosen endeavors at the detriment of nation building.

“Time and research have, however, revealed the futility of this neglect. Time has shown that nothing will work right with wrong policy formulation by wrong leaders. Time has indeed vindicated the saying that if we dare leave the corpse of a mother in the hands of her mentally retarded son, he might roast it for dinner.

“This reality dawned on us albeit with its effect already talken a toll. But there’s room for that change that we direly need, only if we spring to our feet now and hit the ground running.

“It is why Kwara Likeminds Front, KLF, deemed is expedient to call out those individuals in Kwara who are able, intelligent, influential, experienced, sacrificial and with good track records. The time to discard politics and governance to visionless leaders has now come to an end.

“Observe the political space, and you realize that they are on the prowl again. They have started to bamboozle the electorates with sugarcoated tongues, lure them with weakening empowerment schemes and assuage communities with some thousand-naira projects. This has to stop. And the surest way to do this is to charge worthy individuals to come and take over the mantle of leadership in Kwara. Either from the North, South or Central, let the aspirants be worth their onions. Just as the saying goes, In an unjust society, silence is a crime.

“The passage of the electoral bill gives us that glimpse of hope. It has simplified the process, reduced the rigour of voting and brightened the chances of making our votes count.

“We the Kwara Likeminds Front, KLF, is working fervently to see Kwara take the most benefit of the coming election, also want the people to know that we hold the aces. Despite the odds, the past elections have proven that a determined people can make the best of the poll.

“We must ensure that we take active part in the electoral process. This as we say, starts with the registration and collection of Permanent Voters Cards, PVC. It is the weapon we have as a people to determine our future.

“This critical thing is that there is no time for floppiness. The effort to install deserved leaders based on merit must be concerted. At our various homes and polling booths, we must discourage financial inducement and make our votes count. Let all hands be on deck so that we can triumph” he said

Edited by Felix Ajide