2023: Pius Ayim pledges to strengthen anti-graft agencies to fight corruption, if elected President

Pius Ayim Pius

The former Senate President and a leading presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2023 elections, Pius Ayim Pius, has pledged to strengthen anti-corrption agencies to fight corruption in the country, if elected President.

Ayim, who is also the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) made the pledge during a meeting with New Multimedia Publishers Association of Nigeria in Abuja on Thursday.

According to him, the institutions should be allow to do their work. For the institutions, we will put in place messures that will not allow corruption.

“By the time we deployed technology, where private sector drive every segment of our Economic and national life, there is no way people will engage in corruption.

“People will have no option than to do their work without thinking about corruption.

“I was part of the people that make laws for the establishment of ICPC and EFCC. We will look at them and see how far they have gone.

“We will use a mothern system that won’t allow a window for corruption,” Anyim added.

The former senate president went on to say that youths must be groomed in the new generation jobs.

He promised to put Nigeria on the path of greatness as the most populous black nation, if elected President of the country.

According to him, whether we like it or not the fourth generation jobs are here. Most jobs today will be history in the next few years.

“We are getting to the next quarter of the 21st century and between 2026 and 2050, most of today’s job will be history.

Pius Ayim Pius with members of the New Multimedia Publishers Association of Nigeria in Abuja

“Knowledge economy will drive the economic direction,” Anyim said of the 21st century industrial revolution the youths should be prepared for.

“We will create startup corridors for Nigerian youths to develop themselves, create jobs and build up others. I will prepare Nigeria towards a definite direction which the world is heading to.

“We must move the country to the direction the world is going. The world is not waiting for Nigeria” Anyim said.

On whether he would still contest the presidential election if the PDP zone her ticket to a different region, senator Ayim said either way he would still run for the position.

“I am not running because the party’s ticket will be zone to my region,” Anyim said, adding, “I have good knowledge of the country. I am not seeking to lead a region but the entire country,” Anyim said during an interactions with multi-media publishers in Abuja on Thursday.

“Whether zoning or no zoning, I will contest. I am contesting because I have something to offer to Nigerians,” Anyim said.

Anyim who said the offices he held in the past have groomed him for the task ahead, disclosed further that Nigerians will see the difference if he emerged president in 2023.

“The two offices I served in the past are not the same. I’ve headed the parliament, but i have not head the executive.

“I brought stability to the Senate, I want to bring stability to the country. If you want to see what I did as SGF, you can look at the Godluck Jonathan’s presidency.

“I have not been president that is why I am vying for the office. I have a good knowledge on how to manage our diversity. I have aquaire a lot of experience to run the affairs of the country,” the former Senate President said.

Edited by Felix Ajide