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Housewife solicits N15m assistance for kidney transplant

Mrs Rukayat Abdullahi

A 34 year-old housewife in Ilorin, Kwara state, Mrs. Rukayat Abdullahi, has requested for N15 million financial assistance for kidney transplant to enable her regain her health.

Speaking with newsmen on Monday, the husband of the ailing woman, Abdullahi Yusuf, said that his wife, a mother of one, lost five pregnancies due to High Blood Pressure, which was one of the early signs of the kidney problem.

“We got married in 2013. She could only give birth to only one child, now eight-year-old girl. She started with BP. We lost about five pregnancies due to her High Blood Pressure, because usually when the pregnancy got to four or five months, her BP would rise such level as 200. So, in order to save her life, we’ll result to terminating the pregnancy. We had one pregnancy that got to seventh month, but because her life is very important, we had to save her life and do away with the pregnancy.

“That’s how we started nursing the BP. At a point, medical experts said her ailment was due to fibroid. We went to a private hospital where we were asked to get N150,000 for the necessary surgical operation. As a private school teacher, I was unable to raise the money. That’s how we went to UITH to start getting medical appointment on her health challenge.

At a time, she was diagnosed as being chronic hypertensive. It was later that I was informed that the best solution is to do the transplant. That’s when I got the medical report to seek assistance since it’s beyond my financial capacity.

“I hereby seek financial support of all Nigerians to fund the kidney transplant of my dear wife, Mrs. Rukayat Abdullahi, who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease by the Nephrology unit of the University of llorin Teaching Hospital (UITH).

She has been bed-ridden for almost one year and her treatment has been financially draining to our families and well wishers as we spend at least N106,000 weekly on dialysis and medication. Now we are helpless and unable to continue.

“Further diagnoses by the consultants at the University of llorin Teaching Hospital established the need for a definitive treatment by kidney transplant in addition to a few months of post-transplant
drugs at a whopping cost of N15,000,000.00. This is far above and beyond what our entire family and
well wishers can afford. We are financially exhausted. We look up to Allah SWT through Nigerians to save the life of my wife, Rukayat Abdullahi.

“May Allah reward you abundantly.

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Husband: For the Family