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Happiness Comes from What You Give Not What You Have – Prof. Wale Sulaiman

A lot of people feel that happiness comes when they get rich, have a lot of money, build a house or own a car. But real happiness comes from what you give not what you get.

Prof. Wale Sulaiman, the President of RNZ Foundation and the Asiwaju Ewe of the Ajase-Ipo Kingdom, made this assertion at the Investiture and Award Presentation event of the Ilorin Metropolitan Lions Club, a district of the world-renowned International Lions Club, held at Ilorin Club.

According to him, most people spent a lot of time chasing shadows not focusing on important things.

The event was attended by crème de la crème of the society and a number of Kwara political juggernauts.

Prof. Wale Sulaiman, who was the Father of the Day and one of the distinguished awardees at the event, commended the numerous humanitarian and philanthropic activities of the International Lions Club globally.

Professor Sulaiman said the Lions award of Excellence perfectly illustrates what we should all be doing to better our society. To whom much is given much is expected.

“I feel blessed, God has given me so much, hence, the least I could do is to give back to society. I think what RNZ Foundation is doing is in complete alignment with what Lions’ Club is doing across the globe.

“I feel so honored to be recognized by this Big Non-Governmental Organisation which is internationally renowned. RNZ Foundation is also working to becoming internationally renowned.”

“Presently, Nigeria needs all the help we can get, the government is doing what they can do but the community and non-governmental organizations like Lions Club and RNZ Foundation need to key in and help uplift our people out of poverty, provide drinkable clean water, shelter, and good health care. I think every single citizen of Nigeria no matter how small should help to contribute to the progress and development of our communities and the country at large” he said.

The Professor of Neurosurgery also advocated for the sincerity of purpose in humanitarian and community development services.

According to Prof. Sulaiman, you don’t have to be a millionaire before you can give back in any way you can.

“Sometimes if you are doing things and you are not sincere people will know. It is important to stay focused and live a purpose-driven life.

“The more you give the more blessings you receive. Giving is very crucial, you should always remember this statement that happiness comes from what you give not from what you get.

“A lot of people feel that happiness comes when they get rich, have a lot of money, build a house or own a car. But real happiness comes from what you give not what you get. Most people spent a lot of time chasing shadows not focusing on important things.

“All of us have a gift, God has given you a gift you have to discover it and use that gift to benefit your community, society, local government, state, and country that is the only way you will be remembered, you will not be remembered for all the material things that you have.

The Professor further stated that Community Development involves a Tripartite approach. It takes the Community itself, the Government, and the NGOs to improve the quality of lives of the people that will bring prosperity to the community.

Reflecting on the situation of poor governance in Nigeria, Prof. Sulaiman reiterated that the People get the government that they deserve.

“We must ask ourselves difficult questions, what kind of people are we, are we willing to stand up for what is Right, are we willing to make sure we can fight for ourselves and our neighbors.

“People don’t have access to good health care, drinkable water, and shelter, and basic needs of lives. We need to fight for what is right, give to the needy, sponsor a needy child and we will all have a society we can all be proud of” he said

Lion Ishaq Kayode Oshinuga, the District Governor of the club, commended the activities of the Lions Club in Nigeria.

He urged the newly inaugurated executive under the leadership of Lion Dr. Marry Alaba Yetunde Lewu, the president of the Ilorin Metropolitan Lions Club, to keep up the enviable legacies of the humanitarian organization.

He called for the need to enroll more members, especially youth with an innovative mindset and ability to pursue the philanthropic goal of the Lions club.

The event was attended by several dignitaries and politicians such as H.E Ambassador Mohammed Niyi Abioye Nigeria High Commission to Pakistan and Maldives, Prof. Shuaib Oba Abdulraheem, the Talba of Ilorin, APC Kwara State Chairman Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa, represented by APC Kwara South Chairman Barr. Rasak Alabi, Chief Raheem Adedoyin.

Others are the Oloriewe of Oro Kingdom, Barr. Sharafadeen Ibrahim, APC State Publicity Secretary, Hon. Raphael Awotunde, Pastor Buoye Olusegun, all APC Local Government Party Chairmen from Kwara South, Alh. Rahman Akorede Fatai, the Director-General of the Asiwaju Ewe Movement and Team, and Ajase-Ipo Descendants Union Executives (ADU), etc.