Don tasks Muslims, Christians on harmonious peaceful co-existence

Prof. Lateef Oladimeji of the Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin has said that Nigerian Muslims and Christians have great opportunities to develop harmonious peaceful co-existence in the country.

The Professor of Islamic studies said this at the maiden Inaugural Lecture of Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin with the topic: “Roving Preachers of the Message: Deconstructing Da’wah Across Borders.”

He said Nigeria as a great religion nation can still be greater if Muslims, Christians and traditionalists would shun acrimony, hostility, rancour, and discord that have characterised their relationship in the past.

The lecturer said he found striking similarities between Muslims transnational Islamic Movement and Christian Movement, the Jehovah Witness, saying his research effort took him across a close study of the two groups.

According to him, Islamic teachers have a role to play in the trends da’wah in the country.

“The dynamics and dimension of this Islamic duty can better be amplified by those engaged in teaching Islamic values and science.

“As a role model, Islamic Studies teacher is saddled with certain duties and responsibilities

Oladimeji, who was founding member of Al-Hikmah University and first registrar, said the institution focus was to have a robust, well-articulated and futuristic curriculum.

The lecturer observed that da’wah is not an all-comer affair, saying that people who have keen interest in the propagation of Islam must be educated, knowledgeable and trained in Islamic Sciences and should imbued with the fear of Allah.

He advised the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to establish Da’wah regulatory body just as it did on Moon-Sighting.

Oladimeji noted that the aim is to moderate and regulate the activities of those engaged in the da’wah, especially on electronic and social media.

The Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, urged religious and political leaders to relentlessly peeach peaceful lifestyle both privately and publicly, in order to ensure the nation returns to a peaceful, egalitarian and non-violent society.

Oladimeji stressed the need for Al-Hikmah University as a faith based conventional university, to domesticate the basic books on Islamic sciences to equip graduates with necessary tools for the propagation of Islam.

Edited by Felix Ajide