Don urges govt to subsidize Cancer treatment

The Two hundred and twelve Inaugural lecture delivered by Prof. Enouch Abiodun Olakojo Afolayan

A Professor of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, University of Ilorin. Enoch Afolayan, has appealed to the government to subsidize Cancer treatment by way of supporting Cancer patients in area of surgery.

Prof. Afolayan, who made this appeal while delivering the 212th Inaugural Lecture held on Thursday in Ilorin, said this will go a long way to fight the scourge of Cancer in the society.

The theme of the Lecture,”Cancer! The Sledge Hammer of Death? No! Not A Death Sentence If…” established that tobacco smoking alone is responsible for 30% of Cancer worldwide.

He also urged relevant arms of government, agencies and tertiary institutions, especially, Universities to focus investment more in Epidemiological studies on Cancer in order to understand the trend of Cancer risk factors akin to our social orders and cultural practices.

He stressed the need to evaluate effectiveness of Cancer preventing measures and efficacy of treatment.

Prof. Afolayan advocated periodic breast self examination, and if detect a very small painless lump in the breast a Physician should be consulted.

The Inaugural Lecturer disclosed that Cancer occurs in Children between the age 15 like in adult which he said was characterized by geographical variations.

He noted that the gap between the demand and supply for manpower in the management of Cancer patients presently is wide, therefore, called for training and retraining of manpower for the management of Cancer patients.

The Don pleaded with the University of Ilorin management to revisit the proposal submitted for Diploma/Degree in palliative care.


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