Govt, Parents Urge To Balance Educational, Spiritual Needs of Children.

Prof. Abdulrazak Abdulmajeed Alaro has stressed the need to balance the educational and spiritual need of children to address security challenges in the country..

The Professor of Islamic Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin, Alaro made the call at the 3rd Graduation Ceremony of AN-NUJOOM Schools, Ilorin, Kwara state at the weekend.

Alaro, who urged parents to do a follow up on their children studies noted that parents should not neglect their duties to school alone as he kicked against over parenting, over indulgence or pampering

He urged parents to shun materialism, over indulgence, relational over indulgence where parents impose their wishes on their children, advising parents to give their children responsibilities.

The Professor of Law, who also stressed the need to address the the challenges of insecurity in the country, noted that the root cause of insecurity is injustice, wrong step taken, negligent of education, which resulted to out of school children as some of them attended their own school.

“Every step taken has its own consequences. Banditry, kidnappers learnt their work in a particular school anyone that goes to school must graduate and anyone that graduate must practice what he learnt that is happening today.

Bandits, kidnappers have been allowed to be school on the street, under the bridges in the forest” he said

He advised the government to encourage the proprietors of a private schools to address the challenges

He called on the government at various levels to see the spiritual content of the educational systems as equally important as other components

“Every human being is a composition of two different things we have the body we also have the spirit that makes the body to work and function as we continue to do our best in providing the necessary facilitate to train what constitutes the bodily aspect of us I think we need also to do at what constitutes the spiritual aspect of us as human being they complement one another.

“We are not calling for giving or attaching importance to one and neglecting the other. If you look at those we read their stories and we regard as the the founding fathers of this nation we see this very clearly in their upbringing.

“They were morally upright and they perform excellently even in their academic pursuit this is what we want to see coming into our thinking and into our planning again a situation where we will be relegating religious studies what cater for the spiritual needs of our children to the background as been less important I think it has cost us a lot as a nation.

“It is the duty of parents to educate our children whoever is coming to assist us that doesn’t mean we transfer our responsibility 100 perr cent to such an entity and this is exactly what I’m witnessing, what I’m observing in the society.

“Parents seems not to understand that they have a duty in the training, in the education of their children any longer so long as you they have money to send those children to schools they don’t care.

“Besides that, there is what we called cultural and religious values of any society there is a limit to what the school can do in transferring those values.

“Values are transfer from one generation to another, you and I we are part of what our parents transferred to us, as they transfer certain things to us through interaction, through different ways of having close relationship, close monitoring of our attitude that is what we are calling for to complement the effort of what the schools are doing and to remind ourselves that primarily that it is our duty as parents to educate them.” He said.

The proprietor of AN-NUJOOM Schools, Ilorin Dr. Abdulraheem Olayiwola Kadir noted that school balance both the spiritual and educational development of the children as he urged parents to take education of their wards very serious.

He urged the government to invest heavily on education “be honest and sincere in governance to achieve success,” he said

He also urged the graduands to uphold what they have learnt in the school

Dr Suleiman Adebayo PTA chairman An-Nujoom basic school expressed delight for the state of the school.

“We are pleasantly surprised that An-Nujoom has been going from height to height interms of their performance, the standard that was set at inception was that we want to be competitive globally we did believe it was something that attainable within short period of time our students are doing excellently well globally,

“We are very proud of the achievement of the school as the guest speaker has said except the spiritual and education are married together for a better society, the spiritual development is most paramount that is why I believe by the Grace of God they have been excelling,

“Who will come to this place and agree that it is this school that has been performing so well but we have placed everything in the hands of God and by His Grace He has been blessing the school with such enviable heights.” He said.

Muhammad Musa and other Graduant expressed gratitude and commended the school for all the subjects and the moral values impact in their lives.


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