3 Great Lessons Young Pastors Should Learn From The Life Of Bishop David Abioye

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Bishop David Olatunji Abioye is a man that has proved to the world that no matter where a man stands, he can still make a mark in his generation. His life and ministry his a divine example of what genuine resolute service means and the glory it can attract to the life of a man. 

The journey of this great man of faith with Bishop David Oyedepo in pursuit of the Apostolic Mandate that has metamorphosed into one of the biggest Christian denominations in the world is embedded with many great lessons for young ministers. 

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“Greatness is not a myth, it can be achieved by any man because it has a part that can be followed.”

Bishop Abioye has followed that part and here are three lessons young pastors should learn from his life. 

Faithfulness Attracts Glory 

The journey of Bishop Abioye with the founder of the Living Faith Church International, Bishop Oyedepo dates back to the 1980s.

One thing that has been consistent with him all along is genuine, selfless faithfulness.

He has served under David Oyedepo all these years with eternal joy, always willing to do the biddings of the master.

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Abioye is a man that believes greatness can be attained by anyone from anywhere, whether from the top, below, or from within. He discovered his divine placement and has refused to stray from it. 

Any man that is fulfilling a divine mandate will certainly be lifted to divine heights.

Bishop Abioye is not a General Overseer nor the founder of a Ministry, but his faithfulness to God’s mandate for his life has lifted him to heights many General Overseers and Church founders will never attain in their lifetime.

God Also Anoints Subordinates 

Many people believe that if a man is not the senior pastor of a church he cannot be anointed, he cannot do miracles, and certainly would never be famous. They believe the General Overseer will always shadow other pastors in the ministry. 

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The life of Bishop Abioye has proved the above to be a complete fallacy. The many miracles and great impact the ministry of this great man has brought to humanity is a testimony to the truth that the anointing is not solely reserved for General Overseers. The world can testify that Bishop Abioye is heavily anointed.

You Are Anointed Does Not Mean You Should Open Your Own Ministry 

One of the biggest menaces in Christiandum today is the alarming rate at which young pastors are breaking off from their leaders all because they want to be called General Overseers. Most of these mundane steps are taken because they have experienced a little dose of anointing. 

But through the life of Bishop Abioye, we have learned that there is a difference between being anointed and been given an Apostolic mandate. Though anointed, he has never attempted to open his ministry. This is because he understands that not everyone is called to open a church. 

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Abioye is not a General Overseer but he pastors a Church with over 30,000 worshippers. He is not a church founder but he is richer than many church founders.

He is not a senior pastor yet many senior pastors call him their spiritual father. Greatness is not a myth, it can be achieved by any man because it has a part that can be followed. Learn from the life of Bishop David Olatunji Abioye. 


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