What To Expect in June, July – Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo is arguably one of the few renown Nigerian Televangelists, who is known for their prophecy coming to pass, no matter the odd or under any given circumstances, which makes Nigerians to always wait expectantly for his weekly, monthly and yearly prophecies, which he communicates through all his verified social media platforms.

According to his custom, the renown clergyman speaking in a video release yet another powerful prophecy that will happened in the months of June and July.

Here is everything Bishop Oyedepo said in the video:

“We are entering a particular season, in Bible’s agenda the midst of the year is ordained a revival season. Where God will level out all everlasting mountain on your path, and destroy all your perpetual ills and get you up upon your high places.

So wake up, be part of it,God promise it to be the greatest season of your life in the faith till date and the midst of the year is June and July, with five months on either side of the divide, that’s the midst of the year, so get yourself prepared, it’s going to be fire. 

I’ve seen some light into what the two month contains and I want to believe your name is in there.

God will surprise your mockers and surprise you in person, because those who think that your life will not amount to anything will see God with his everlasting arms, taking you to the top. So get ready for it, get set for it, be part of it, Jesus will touch you and you will know it.”


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