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Children’s Day: Club warns against child abuse, emotional violence

Children with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

Goodnews Club of Philippian Missionaries, a faith-based organisation, has advocated the rights of children to be protected physically and emotionally from harm and abuse.

Miss Lois Aderomose, Founder of the Club and a Gender-Based Advocate, warned that many children at a tender age lose their self-worth due to constant emotional abuse by parents, guardians and tutors.

The club commemorated the Children’s Day Celebration, marked every May 27, at Saint Philip’s Academy Maraba, Nasarawa State with a sensitisation campaign on emotional abuse.

“Basically we talk about emotional violence, we let them know that a person may not really flog them before they can be violated.

“They can be violated vocally which also affects and reduces their self-worth.

“One of the things I will live to do is to amplify the voices of children; a lot of them are speaking up but because they are children, people feel what they are saying is not important.

“When I got close to them it made me feel like there are a lot of things they are saying and a lot of them are violated but because nobody is listening to them, they are just quiet.

“For that, anybody can take advantage of these children and be free, so I am close to them so I can know these things, counsel them; talk to people that can help punish the offenders.”

Aderomose also added that the club creates awareness on Female Genital Mutilation; its effects and attendant consequences on children.

The club gave awards to outstanding students in the school and paid a term’s fee for others who performed excellently in the year. 

Mrs Esther Aderomose, the Proprietress of Saint Philip’s Academy, said this year’s Children’s Day Celebration is a Thanksgiving to God for preserving the children through the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We did this because last year we could not do it and God has preserved us; we feel that after observing all the COVID-19 protocols we are safe to hold this year’s Children’s Day that is why we have come together.”

One of the awardees, Precious John, said she felt happy celebrating this year’s Children’s Day which would help her overcome the trauma of emotional violence she had experienced.

She also expressed appreciation for the award given to her.

Some teachers of the school appreciated the Management of Saint Philip’s Academy for organising the event for the children.

Highlight of the celebration was the March Past Parade and cultural dance performances by the students. (NAN)


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