WHO probing COVID-19 origins in Wuhan set to brief media

An expert team from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that has spent the last four weeks in the Chinese city of Wuhan, investigating the origins of the coronavirus disease, is expected to brief the media on Tuesday.

The WHO team is set to present its findings at a news conference that begins at 08.00 GMT at the Hilton Optics Valley Hotel in Wuhan.

During their visit to Wuhan, which was the world’s first COVID-19 hotspot, WHO experts toured the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Huanan market where the first known cases were identified.

The team also visited a hospital where the first COVID-19 patients were treated.

Participants in the WHO visit spent 14 days in quarantine upon their arrival in the Chinese city one month ago.

Vladimir Dedkov, a Russian expert participating in the WHO mission, said this past week that it was unlikely the disease could have spread from Wuhan’s virology institut.


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