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Ways To Maximise Christmas Without Jeopardizing Your Health

Maximize this December without jeopardizing your health, enjoy Socially Distanced Christmas!

The times may be unusual but the best season of the year is here with us.

As correct and true Nigerians, nothing can stand in the way of our enjoyment.

It’s in our DNA to find a way around show stoppers, and this one will not shame us.

There is the need to maintain an agenda that will help you maximize this December without jeopardizing your health.

Refuse the urge to visit anyone, send them a gift, hamper or transfer money to them instead.

You can even buy airtime to send text or call them just as your gift is arriving.

You can also do video conferencing or video call.

Explore the ever improving world of virtual parties. Subscribe for data and set up a virtual hangout with your friends.

Everyone can switch on video, order from the same place and gist the night away.

Instead of partying at an overcrowded club, book your flight and take a well-deserved vacation anywhere in the country with your favourite people. Ensure you all get tested before you fly though.

And if you must party this season, remember to turn up with your mask and sanitizer.

You should also consider investing toward the year ahead, just in case Naira refuses to cooperate or salary is delayed.

Stay Safe! Celebrate moderately!!


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