US Election – See Latest Results That Show Donald Trump Stands A Good Chance Of Winning The Election

For those who have been following the US elections since yesterday, it is a bit surprising how the battle has come to appear tougher than we had envisaged.

The November 3rd Election Day had come with a lot of anxieties, and considering the efforts the candidates put in during their campaigns it was difficult from the start to predict where the pendulum will swing to.

And with the current situation on ground, it is more difficult to know who the next president of America will be.

Just as USA TODAY rightly said earlier today, it’s officially a day after Election Day, but the whole world woke up without a single idea of who will become the next president of America.

Well, that’s true by all standards, because at this stage, even the best political analysts are confused about how the outcome of the election will be.

For those of us who are familiar with the electoral process of America, we are already used to seeing speedy outcomes of election over there, but the delay in this 2020 election has further compounded the suspense that everyone has been feeling.

But from last night when the announcement of the results began, up till the early hours of this morning, Donald Trump’s chances looked quite slim.

For those who are conversant with the conduct of America’s electoral process, the winner needs 270 Electoral Colleges to be declared the winner, and the first candidate to reach that margin will become the next president of America.

But in the early stages of the announcement of the results, Trump was far behind Joe Biden, and this made a lot of people to conclude that this could be the end of the road for Trump.

Biden was winning in most of the states announced, and even in the statement he made this morning, Biden was very confident that he would be victorious at the polls.

Recall that some hours ago Trump had said that he will take the presidential election to the election to the Supreme Court, but people didn’t quite understand what he meant by that.

See photos of the results announced so far, and see how Trump was lagging behind in the early stages:

But in the later hours of this morning, Trump picked up impressively. Many analysts said that the Florida results played the trick for him.

According to a report made by USA TODAY a few hours ago, Trump nearly tripled his 2016 margin of victory in Florida. His victory in Florida helped deliver a red wave of victories for the Republicans.

And as it currently stands now, Donald Trump is back in the race, and is even standing a great chance of winning the election.

See the latest update of the result (courtesy – FOX NEWS):

As can be seen in the screenshot above, Biden is leading with a very slight margin. He currently has 238 Electoral College votes, while Trump has 213 Electoral College votes.

For those who understand the electoral process of America, you would know that is a very open race at this point. Trump is now out of the danger zone, and is equally closer to winning too.

Now back to the analysis, there are several “battlefields” as far as the US election is concerned, and Trump has already won one of them which is Florida. Now we have Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania left, and none of those industrial states have been called for either of them at the time of this report.

According to the report made by USA TODAY, these three Northern industrial states could play vital roles in determining who wins this election.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, there are hundreds of thousands of outstanding votes left to count, and those huge votes are very crucial. You might call them “determining factors.”

So even though Joe Biden is leading by a small margin, this is still very open. And for some reason, the Republicans and Trump’s supporters are already seeing Trump as the winner of this election.

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Source: Associated Press, FOX NEWS, CNN, USA TODAY.


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