I Drank Cucumber Water and Here Is What Happened To Me After Four Days


It’s always been a good day after you all following me up for health related articles has been giving good talks and feedback on my previous articles. Today again I have brought to you another health article on how you can soak cucumber overnight in a bowl of water to cure some infections.

This remedy which I’m about to share with you is what happened to someone close to me after she drank this Cucumber water.

Method of preparations.

1. Firstly, buy a good and fresh cucumber from the market and wash it very well.

2. After washing it, you get cold water and pour it in a bowl and cover it over night.

3. The following day, all you have to do is to get your cucumber and remove it from the water in which you placed it overnight. Get little milk and honey and add into this water and drink this on an empty stomach once in a day.

4. After drinking on an empty stomach, please replace your water in a refrigerator from getting it spoilt.

Infections that the above mixture cures are;

1. It helps in the cases of a bad breath.

2. It helps you regulate your body system and prevent you from the chances of getting cancer.

3. It stops you from getting stressed out.

4. It helps to regulate your blood pressure.

5. It detoxify and flush out every unwanted things in your body.

6. This mixture cures stomachache and ulcer.

7. It makes your body looks cool and very much younger.

These are things in which this mixture cures, you can do this anytime you’re free and also when you’re not busy. Drink this mixture and cure yourself from germs and infections. And you will actually defecate for three to four days cause of the cleansing.

If you’ve used this mixture or remedy before, let us know in the comment box below.


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