Car racing sport has come to stay, Ojuoko

  By Aderonke Ojediran

Lagos – Adeoye Ojuoko, a promoter of Motorsport, says car racing sport is gradually gaining momentum and has come to stay in Nigeria. 

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday, he said the sport will be showcased at the upcoming 2020 New Yam Festival in Ondo State, slated for Sept. 29. 

 Ojuoko said that the car racing exhibition during the festival would add colour and fun to the 2020 New Yam festival, in Ondo State community of Ilara Imokin. 

“We are building a growing interest and fan base for the Motorsport around the county, especially in the serene Ilara-mokin community that has played host to a number of our events in the last three years. 

“This community has hosted on-road and off-road races with top race drivers across the country attending, which culminated in our building the first off-road track at Elizade Smokin Hills Resort in Ondo state, and has been attested to be one of the most challenging in the country,” he said. 

He said that presence of top motor sports racers in Ilara-mokin was a way of showing support for the local New Yam Festival called: “Ijeshu Festival”. 

“Our long term plan incorporates this sort of partnerships, and Ilara-Mokin having been a great host to our activities deserve to earn our partnership” Drivers from last year’s premium event, were all on hand for an exhibition race. 

Argo Raak, the 2019 winner of the off-road race at the opening of the race track, which is an extension of Smokin Hills Golf Course, was on hand for a exhibition drag race. 

Kingsley Uwatse, the jeep ambassador on the track and Antonio Sandouk, 2017 Winner of the on road race were all on hand to light up the community.

Antonio Sandouk, Kingsley Uwatse, Argo Raak, Muyiwa Akintola, were all are former winners of the group’s flagship event Ondo Auto Rally. 

Ojuoko further said that the group had to cancel most of the activities on her calendar due to COVID-19 but hopes to get racers back to track later in December with the hosting of its flagship event, Ondo Auto Rally. (NAN)

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