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Election: Director, CYMS, advises Nigerian youths to shun thuggery, violence

By Okon Okon
Abuja – Mr Obinna Nwaka, Director General, Committee of Youth on Mobilisation and Sensitisation (CYMS), has advised Nigerian youths to shun thuggery and violence during election periods, saying it is detrimental to their own future.

Nwaka gave the advice when he featured on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum to sensitise the nation`s youths on the need to be responsible citizens, while using himself as an example following his past experience.

“Experience is the best teacher, like myself being in the leadership position today, I did not just find myself here today, it`s as a result of what I have experienced in the past that has made me what I am today.

When it comes to the issue of thuggery and all those political activities during elections, you can`t for now but it can only reduce it.

“Because I myself Obinna Nwaka, I have done all those thing before, that was around 2011 elections, then I have not even gone for youth service I was one of those people that served  as a thug because I needed money

“And there was no avenue to be carried along in that process; we were part of the people that engaged the thugs in Imo State where I come from.

“So along the line, we were blackmailed by other political opponents, police harassed us, arrested us from one police station to another, to the state command.

“So later, I realised that I was not doing the best thing for myself, Obinna needed money, I don’t want to do thuggery any longer.

Obinna said as a graduate, who waited for his youth service, he determined to proceed further in life by engaging himself on things that could be profitable.

He, therefore, advised Nigerian youths to shun being used by the country`s politicians as thugs, saying that it could be detrimental to their personal development.

“I served as a collation officer in 2011, then I was paid well, I was recognized, and I attended INEC training.

“After that election, I began to ask myself questions: will you go back for thuggery or will you move ahead and become a better person in society.

“That made me become an INEC expert and consultant since that period and I have worked with INEC in several capacities,“ he said.

He further advised that there is no politician who will appoint or assign a position to a thug in his office as his special assistance on thuggery or in any other position.

Nwaka added that being a thug will never make anyone a better person in the society.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that CYMS is a pro-government`s evaluation and monitoring organisation, established to sensitise Nigerians both in Diaspora and across the federation on the Federal Government`s programmes, activities and achievements (NAN)


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